Motorola MOTOLUXE coming to Bell and Virgin “in May”


  • Dan

    $200-300? I don’t think it will be in the $500 range. Only an 800mhz processor. But if it was in the $300, might as well get the One V.

  • Bernard

    It should be $299 or less. The cpu and gpu are slower than the HTC One V. When I saw the MSM7227A-0 cpu spec at gsm arena I thought this thing would be an immediate failure, but then I found out that it is different than the MSM7227 that is in the low end phones from the past couple years. I still think it will be pretty slow but if it is cheap enough it could be a good phone.

  • Mike

    I could see it at $149.99 – $229.99 outright price, any higher will be a fail

  • wewewi

    Lets just keep in mind that Google now sells its Galaxy Nexus for 399$ in the US.

  • Azalea

    It’s an entry-level smartphone priced at $250.