Motorola MOTOLUXE launching in Canada sometime “in Q2”


  • Andy

    Will succeed only if the price is right 😛

    • Theywillbepissed

      I thought so too until I saw a video of its interface. Laggy piece of junk imo.

  • Brandon

    With Motorola, when they say Q2, they clearly mean Q4.

  • Megahertz

    It’s ashame what their doing to this company.

  • timmy

    It’s for when a new Atrix?
    Could be really interesting with ubuntu mobile and make me hesitate with the next galaxy s3.
    Problem is, samsung have a way better finishing on devices than Moto…

  • Concerned Citizen

    Why do Motorolas look like crap?

    • Senk

      Well it is a hell of a lot better looking than the Razr IMHO.

  • bobo jones

    This is the first phone from the google – Moto company and it is not anything special, i expected much better than this, am i right ?

  • et

    Same old crap until they are able to figure out the simplest thing. That is if they want lock boot loader they will have to make software perfect like iPhone OR they will have to open boot loader so that people can fix it.

  • Dalex

    It looks like crap, and it will probably perform similarly, especially on Gingerbread…

    Sigh… you had the right idea with the RAZR MAXX, just put a decent screen on it and will be perfect…

  • Jimbo

    Underwhelming and too far behind in the specs. The only way this thing sells is if they price it extremely low.



  • Sub-Joker

    After having the Xoom….. and knowing that Android 4.0 is only released in the states, while in canada there’s nothing. I don’t think I wanna buy another motorola ever. Let them stay in the states. what are canadians for them?? less important customers than americans??

  • bobo jones

    Sub-joker said it right, canada is a no go for Moto, they have always treated us like crap and we should repay them in the only way we can , DON’T BUY ANYTHING WITH THEIR NAME

  • Former Waver

    Entry level device aimed to combat the Samsung Gio/ LG Eclypse on Virgin. Pricing looks to be around ~250-275 outright. Some interesting features, the lock screen is designed for quick access to your most used apps, and the main screen has a card-style quick access widget that reminds me of a Palm Pre. Won’t support ICS, only 800 mhz processor but 8 mp camera.

    All in all, cheap replacement for your superphone or for someone who’s never had an android before.

  • A. Carmine

    The Moto…what?!