Bell to release the LG Reveal with “Shimmer Kit”


  • Haylee

    I like this phonealots and i want it.

    Would this phone work for a telus plan ?? because i had a three year contract on an LG keybo, but it broke, so i wanted to no if i could buy this phone then transfer the 3 year contract onto the lg reveal? PLEASE reply ASAP!!

    • bella

      No,you cant use that phone on a telus contract…. i paid out my telus contract and switched to bell 🙂

  • justine

    I have this phone and I love it. The reception is great, the camera takes really good pictures, and it is really comfortable for talking on. It also organizes text messages really well – by conversation rather than in the order they were sent. Very user friendly phone – would definitely recommend it.

  • Anna

    OMG I WANT THIS PHONE SOOOOO BAD!! this is TOTALLY going to be myfashion accessory!;) I <3 IT!

  • ralph harrison

    my grandaughter has a bell lg reveal and after 4 months it is broken it is a very fragile phone and bell wont give her a new one if fact she said she would switch companies and the bell employee said do so. unbelieveable but true bell just do not put customers first, so just for your info do not buy a bell lg reveal

  • uwi

    i lik this phone soo much….

  • uwi

    i like this phone soo much….