Update: Google bringing Play Music and Movies to Canadian Google TV devices on November 13th (Not Just Yet)


  • rk.

    finally. google music!

    • Serious Question

      Will this be available for my Blackberry Bold 9900 that I bought off-contract for $600?

  • Cole

    I can’t wait! Music uploader isn’t accessible yet though. Finally won’t feel like Canada is some forgotten, isolated outpost.

  • Carlos Fabregas

    Google music is now available in the play store!

    • MikeSS

      Not only Google Music, but Google Wallet is now available in Google play.

      Has anyone else seen this as well?

    • Nitin Gaba

      @MikeSS where is Google Wallet? I cannot find it in the play store but Google Music is showing up.

  • Miknitro

    about time.

  • Is this WP8

    RIP Microsoft

  • RyanOver

    I got it sinced june on my Incredible S .. (Rooted User)

  • NienorGT

    Wait… They bring Google Music to Canada but only for the Google TV???

    • NienorGT

      No,I was able to get it on my phone.
      The title of the article is confusing TBH…

  • Dragonstar

    Okay, this isn’t April 1st and I’m still breathing… I just can’t believe it. I’ve been waiting for Google Music since it was announced in the States.

    Now, if they would bring us Google Fiber. 🙂

  • Dern

    Today is a great day

  • kyokeun

    Is this only for TV or do Android lover get some love too?

  • Awkward Turtle


  • Mike Hawk

    Will android also get google music or just TV?

    • spanky

      @Mike Hawk scroll up – read

  • EddieWinslow


    been using Google Music since it was release (american VPN FTW).

    I love this service, but no google play updates was annoying.

    I am pumped

  • Azure

    Title is really confusing and should probably be changed. Makes it seem like Google Music/Movies will only be available through Google TV.

  • Ryan

    need windows or mac to upload it to the cloud? what about us Linux users?! come on Google, android is open source, what gives?

    • Joe

      linux users are last priority.

    • Ken

      There is a linux uploader for Google Music. I’ve been using it for ages now.

  • NicRacine

    Seriously, what’s the big fuss with Google Music if you can’t buy music? I would go through my Data limit so fast on my phone… Not planning on using it.

    If I could buy music, now that would be something else…

  • Gus83

    Wow… signed up for this on the web via a proxy at the end of last year. Android automatically installed this feature when I opened the music app in 4.0 😀

  • jaydee

    Big deal, it’s useless without music purchase capability. Hasn’t Google seen how expensive data plans are becoming up here? Nobody is going to stream their entire music collection from the cloud if they have to pay hundreds of dollars per month in data charges in order to be able to do it.

    • RobbieCrash

      I go through about 3GB/month using Google Music on my phone, but the place I use it most is work.

      I can have access to most of my music collection at work through the webpage. The mobile access is nice, but the webpage is really the killer feature.

    • Kfirms

      People who are complaining that this feature is useless here in Canada due to our data caps need to realize this also works off wifi. There is a large group of us who can stream music at work and getting access to your library without putting everything on your phone is a wonderful feature. Go to a friends house and you have your music there to start the party once you connect to wifi.

  • Carlos Fabregas

    I want Google voice now!!

  • gjeff12

    I’ve had this for months. I got excited because I thought the store was coming but nope.

  • dubs

    Hey dummies, it also works over wifi. Relax.

    • NicRacine

      You know what works well everywhere? Without Wi-Fi or cell signal? A micro-sd card. I bought a 64 GB for $50. No problem ever since. It’s a lot cheaper than a 3Gb/month data plan.

      I don’t have Wi-Fi in my car, which is where I use my phone the most.

  • Stuntman

    I have been waiting for this for a long time.

  • Christmas Daniels

    This is Canada who pays for music, big fail! Also Microsoft offers this for 5 devices unlimited and cache (no data required on the go) for a hundred bucks a year. I see the pros and cons in all the OS’s but this is not news. People who are cheering sound like Apple users.

    • God

      It’s i****s like you who don’t support the music industry that is causing the rising costs for legitimate purchasers.

      Go buy a CD, you freeloading hippie….

  • harpoon

    all we need is Google Voice and Google Wallet and I’m a happy camper. Been using Music for awhile now, it’s excellent though the PC client needs work

  • Mike

    Google wallet ???? WHEN!!!!

  • Matt

    Had since it came out, sucks that I can’t buy music.

  • LugnutsMacGruff

    Facking Finally!

  • Randy

    This is only half the battle. One of android’s biggest let downs (for me) is the fact that I can’t purchase music/videos on the go. I’m not talking about a workaround, I mean a mainstream method of purchasing music for your google music manager.

  • Christmas Daniels

    I support artists not needle d!%ks who gouged me for years. And its not illegal in Canada so I am not doing anything wrong or being a hippy. And don’t act like your not paying for all your content and programs your a fan droid, meaning you don’t believe in DRM.

  • Nathaniel James


  • Randy

    @ Christmas Daniels
    is that directed at my comment? I’m not sure what the last sentence is supposed to imply but I’m simply stating that with android there isn’t a common source for media. If you were to survey 20 android users they’d come back with 13 different apps or workarounds for getting new media on their phone.

  • Stuntman

    We in Canada still cannot purchase any music. That sucks.

  • Stuntman

    I also still use a Symbian device to play my music because it has an FM transmitter. Google Music is useless with that device. I still need to manually manage my songs on that device.

    What I really want to do is purchase music. I was hoping their prices are more reasonable than Bell’s. When will we be able to purchase songs here in Canada. That is what I and many others are waiting for.

  • greenlink

    I’ve had google music since launch. Sometimes its good to have the internet at work routed through to the states

  • winder

    got excited but then realised we still cant buy music…
    but been using the app and uploader for a while now, there is a pretty easy workaround and can say it is awesome

  • spanky

    we’ve been had by google, do some digging and you’ll find – Google has back tracked on its original Google+ post, which has now been deleted. New post, Canada has been taken off the launch list for Google Music. Nooooooooo

  • guy

    for those complainers:
    -google music allows you to upload (slowly) 20k songs that you do not buy
    -you can stream via wifi or data
    -you can save you songs OFFLINE to your phone (cached)
    -you can sync your music via iTunes/WMP/Drag’n’Drop with the app including Playlists and it will automatically detect what you have on device vs what is cached offline vs online.
    -music on ANY DEVICE including very easy access through Chrome browser. Google music app has become my primary music player on my home computer (40GB freed off my Laptop’s SSD!)
    -sync playlists etc seamlessly accross all devices/computers
    -Google music app is a well balanced, modern app that rarely crashes and uses less battery than other third party apps

    -Source: been using it for over a year on phone, tablet and computer(s). Connect US proxy. Register. Disconnect Proxy. Done.

  • Bob c

    I smell law suit coming Apple getting very mad

  • kspraydad


    In Canada you can use 7Digital for your music purchasing on the go…cross platform and works great.

  • Christmas Daniels

    @Randy no man your thought was legitimate mine was directed @god

  • Josh

    For those complaining about data limits. You can use wifi. But there is also a option to make music available offline and also a option to play only music that is offline. You dont even need data to use this. But if you have data you can listen to any song in your library.

  • theMediaman

    Google. I am disappoint.

  • MrMarvelous

    We just got trolled. Hard!

  • fnair


  • Bob c

    Mother suckers

  • Aaron

    Xbox Music on my Win8 laptop is far superior. Oh, and I can buy, too.

  • Tyrone

    Not coming to Canada no problem I can just download the aspk on to my phone I tried it out with Play Music when it first launched.

    There more than one way to skin a cat

  • DrBadass


  • Plazmic Flame

    Translation: Not Coming to Canada, Ever.

    Listen Google, just give me a damn Chromebook and I’ll be fine. Why in the hell can we NOT buy Chromebooks in Canada?! This is crazy!!

  • Wilbour

    Was the offer/pulled offer for Google TV only for their digital boxes or was if for PC as well? Either way we must wait again.

  • Nitin Gaba

    Ok so what I find weird is that yesterday i downloaded Google play music on both my Google TV systems and about ten seconds ago installed it on my phone. Maybe our launch is not far away? Or maybe they just forgot to take the download down.

  • Frank

    Google Play Music is great, I stream all my songs from it, and the ones i listen to most are cached so it doesnt eat up data.. I have a 6GB plan and I barely get 1GB of it done from using play + other things… I just WISH they’d launch it officially so I can buy music from them instead of itunes!

  • MikeSS

    @NitinGaba, Sorry had the market enabler turned on. mimicking T-Mobile, that I was able to see Google Wallet.

    Sorry for confusion.

  • Francis

    I use Google Music everyday, but somehow I’m very curious about BB10 so I’m waiting before I get another android.

  • from Calgary

    really want to ditch itunes and move to google music play, legit (not proxy), up here in canada. Arrrrgh! Google, I love you, please wont you love me?