Video: Gorilla Glass 3 takes on a steel ball


  • Temi

    They do the same crap every year. Yet when my phone drops the glass still breaks. Better than the rest as far as scratching etc, but still breaks from a regular fall


      you are testing it wrong

      Tim Cook

    • IceScream

      These tests are all rigged!

      If the glass is 300% stronger how about putting it on a Samsung 2 or another olde phone and giving it to people to drop it from ear-height!at Three times it should last..except that it won’t because it isn’t that strong. ahhh marketing, we all love lies sweet lies.

      We all do that “test” sooner or later, and that’s the only thing we care about. A ball hitting a piece of glass in a wooden-highschool model is rubbish!

    • IceScream

      Obvioulsy the gorilla in the white shirt hasn’t heard about something called “Acceleration” We drop our phones from 1.60-1.80m (even women on heels) dropping the weight of a phone (Please not a Nokia 900!!) at that distance would be more representative of a real experiment.

      The gorillas should watch one or two “experiments” on something called youtube with people dropping REAL phones from ear or Shoulder height and see the REAL Results.

      These guys are Bananas!!

    • 2see

      RIP Android 🙂

    • kai

      Dragontrail glass is better xD

    • Tyrone

      Are you sure about that? I dropped my Razr MAXX HD more times than I can count since I got it and I haven’t had to replace it yet.

  • Kriilin Namek

    And all the device makers seem to do is make their products thinner, not more robust.

    • Geoff

      It’s much more lucrative to sell phones that look sexy and then sell a thick case for robustness.

  • Tom Hanks

    These test Gorilla Glass tests sucks. Just put the glass in a device and do some real life drops, thats all most care for.

  • gurtej08

    Of course the glass will break, it’s glass after all. But what they are also trying to sell is how the screen quality will remain after time. When you put your phone in your pocket with your keys, coins, or what have you, the phone starts to get nicks and scratches. I’m not saying there aren’t better alternatives, but it’s just one of their selling features.

  • Dan

    Needs a comparison to Gorilla Glass 2

    • Squint

      Was thinking the same thing. What makes 3 better then 2… other then the obvious number being higher.

    • IceScream

      Gorilla 3 has a white shirt and loves gold rings.

      Gorilla 2 is not in the picture.

      Both of them need a phone with access to youtube to learn what a REAL dropping test is.

  • nexus

    Quite the contraption. Just drop the phone terds!

  • jon

    My phone has a good clear plastic lens with a Zagg screen protector. Dropped it many times over the last 2 years, nothing is broken and still looks like brand new.

  • Cameron

    you know what’s durable. the old flip phones, those were made right and durable. i still have mine and it’s 5 years old and still hasn’t broke.

    • Geoff

      My old flip phone fell on the ground and shattered into several pieces.
      I personally found the hinges on flip phones were a point of failure on them. That’s why I was so happy with my slider phone.

  • David

    Cool. Now I won’t need to worry about accidently dropping a 135g ball through an 18 inch clear plastic tube elevated at a 30 degree angle onto my Gorilla Glass 3 phone. That was my biggest concern with my next cell phone purchase.

  • menodumb

    test it with a real Gorilla ….then maybe ……

  • babablacksheep

    Candy bar phones were always the strongest, by far. Flip phones always had a weak point.

  • Clockwork

    Test by rubbing some sand or other abrasive material on it.
    let me know if it doesn’t scratch.

    That’s what I care about

  • wtyoda

    The real concern is how thick is that test sample of Gorilla glass.

  • snoop lion

    All this test is supposed to show is that Gorilla glass 3 is better, why is everyone complaining? Its not like they downgraded gorilla glass 2 and are trying to sell it off as better with “deceptive” tests like these.

  • Snoopdogg

    I can’t remember the last time I dropped a massive ball bearing on my phone with a seven newton scratch on a 10 angle..

  • W

    To be honest, what we have already in the form of GG and GG2 works well enough. Now if only the coatings are scratch resistent. There is no point having scratch resistent glass if the coating is all scratched to hell easily.

  • Lbutlr

    What coating? My iPhone 4S has no case or screen cover and no scratches or coating.

  • Gman

    xperia z is dragontrail glass front and back, I and its suppose to be 6 times stronger than GG2. Want to see hows that compare.

  • Liam Hay


  • av!nash

    Great !!! Waiting to see it in a smartphone