Mobilicity’s new 4G 21Mbps network going live next week, along with new “Premium data add ons”


  • DrBadass

    Oh snap!!!!

  • Simon

    And here we go! Mobilicity came to its senses, and isn’t offering unlimited data anymore. Now they are more in line with Wind, unless you want to pay $20 on top of your current in-market plan to get 20GB of data (comapred to Wind’s $5 for 10GB on a $40/month plan).

    Mobilicity still keeps offering better bang for the buck, that is if you are willing to be confined to a smaller coverage area.

    I am counting down to Wind and Mobilicity uniting in early 2013.

    • copolii

      They’re still unlimited. Your speed is capped once you reach the 6GB/20GB limit. If I recall correctly, that was always the case.

  • asdfaf

    just going to end up confusing a lot of customers

    • Smitty

      Who’s “they” anyway? Isn’t this an internal memo? Who is this mysterious third party from which customers will be benefitting?

  • Zee Joiker

    Mobi users with grandfathered plans – how does it feel getting a marginal bump in your speeds, yet going from unlimited data to 6 Gigs?

    Early adopters get shafted yet again!

    This isn’t the first time Mobi shows how little they value those who have been with them since they’ve opened up their doors for business.

  • TP

    going against their name ‘Mobile + Simplicity’.

    Tiered plans and basic/premium separation may make more sense from business perspective, but will just increase their operating costs and bring confusion to the customers.

  • BobbyJoeRob

    Sad to see throttling on data after 6GB of usage.

    They must be expecting people with heavier data usage to switch to their new Premium Data plans.

  • deltatux

    So new customers will not have an option for unlimited data? Then again, 20 GB for $20 is still cheaper than what other carriers charge…

    Personally, I only need to use 5GB max, if they offered $5 for 5 GB as an add-on, I’ll still be happy.

    • Artem Koltd

      New users get 6gb, so you’ll be fine, if you use around 5gb.

  • Looks expensive…

  • Artem Koltd

    They should have done this a log time ago. This “unlimited data” BS has killed their network, and have given them a bad rep. Mobilicity is now synonymous with slow data speeds.

    This, and their upgrade to 4G would hopegully stabilize data speeds, and steer mobilicity in the right direction.

    Unlimited data is a myth, everybody. It’s not sustainable!

  • hoo dat

    Hang on, “regular rate card plan”? So anyone who’s on BTS or any of their other specials, which is pretty much everybody, is excluded unless you buy into a more expensive plan??

  • TestMe

    I really would like to see a video of a Mobi client performing a speedtest on their 4G Network to see if its really worth the upgrade. I’m sure their premium data speeds will max the average client at maybe 5mbps.


    • 7Norm

      5mbps is what you’d average on any 4G network (non-LTE). It’s the expected speed. If Mobilicity manages to maintain this kind of speed throughout the day, I’d call their network upgrade a success.

    • hoo dat

      You keep saying that and yet I’m getting the same faster speeds on 3G with WIND, on a BlackBerry for crying out loud!

    • hoo dat

      EDIT “….the same OR faster….”

  • Mike

    So, they’re charging more for this new network. What’s next? They finally offer LTE but the price will be raised yet again? Might as well stick to the big 3…at least the coverage is better.

    • Frenchie


  • LazerAndroid

    Nice! Mobilicity leading the innovation in mobile industry once again! Where are are you going to get 20GB of 4G speeds for only $20? Nowhere!

    Mobilicity is, by far, the best cellular provider in Canada, with prices that will make you go: “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

    I don’t see myself ever switching to anyone else, ESPECIALLY if I get that free Pnaache that I have been begging for for 2 years now. Please? PLEASE!? I will do anything!

    Your #1 Fan – LazerAndroid 😀 😀

    • LazerAndroid

      Sorry, I meant to say Panache.

      Just because I’ve misspelled it, does not mean that I shouldn’t still get it for free! Please give me a free Panache, Mobilciity! PPPLLEEEAAASSEEE! I beg you!

      – LazerAndroid

  • 0defaced

    oh Stewart, did you have to thumbs down me so quickly?

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    wawawewa! i cant wait to get my blackberry 9300 that I paid $350 for plus $49.99 for unlock code blasting along on these new 4g 21 megaflop per second speeds.

    • jack

      damn son 350 for a 9300? u got ripped off big time and 50 to unlock?? i have a bridge to sell you too…

  • 0defaced

    from eatin yo fried chickens!

  • adrian

    Can’t wait for bb10 so I can use on this network. Come on crackberry, want my free bb10

  • Drew Moreberry

    All of you people complaining saying they aren’t offering unlimited anymore. They aren’t billing you if you go beyond caps, they just slow your connection down. That’s what you jack asses get for abusing unlimited wireless by downloading gigs using torrents on your phone. Still, it is unlimited, just slower unlimited.

    • jack

      offer unlimited and then blame customers for the way they use it?

      kinda like opening an all you can eat buffet and complaining that your customers eat too much.

      when i get unlimited usage from my internet provider, they dont come yell at me for using it too much, nor do they slow me down.

    • Martin

      You imbecile, you have no idea how wireless communications work if you believe that there can exist unlimited bandwidth for every wireless customers all the time.
      See ‘Spectrum Crunch’

  • Bruce

    Does the Basic access still get 4G speeds but only 6GB?

  • Drew Moreberry

    @jack, your internet providor likely does. Telus, bell, and Rogers all have caps, if you go over they reserve the right to throttle your connection and they do. I have experienced this with telus. Throttling is limited to peak times though, and Mobilicity will likely do the same(as does wind).

    Nor are they really complaining, they are fixing things because people don’t understand network congestion issues. Still unlimited. Waaa.

  • aregularonhofo

    While the fake LazerAndroid on here (aka bluenote73 the Mobilicity troll/wimp from HoFo) makes a total fool out of himself the real LA has been vindicated after Dave Dobbin the fired/humiliated CEO lied about him, this only proves Mobi has been using their Subs all along and will continue to do so strictly for the benefit of their greedy shareholders…please don’t even try comparing this pathetic company to Wind Mobile and why so many have joined the Boycott Mobilicity Campaign. I find it hilarious how some of you scream false accusations against Wind Mobile saying you’re fighting against the Big Three who are corrupt, yet you will support a new provider that is obviously failing and ripping your butt wider considering what you’re paying for in terms of lousy service/horrendous network and poor coverage…there is no “US” or “WE” and the only one worth trying/supporting is Wind Mobile. Long-term Mobi customers after putting up with so much garbage have received no consideration and still some of you losers worship a TWIT like Lyons on Twitter whose only desire is to manipulate you. Considering how the number of Fanboys have dwindled switching it’s great to see Wind advancing and not treating their customers like fools.

  • exfido1997

    Price of wireless in Canada is still ridiculous. Thank goodness for Mobilicity to bring it close to reasonable.

  • David

    Does this mean the 2mb data cap on mobile devices will be moved higher? Like at 4mb? Or do we need to pay preminum prices for that too.

  • CluelessCompanion

    Can you get 4G speeds at 6GB cap or is there only the new 4G/20Gb cap vs. the 3G/6GB cap?

  • OGOD

    Who really would go over 6GB from their cell phone?I guess not many. I never seen a fido customer would come back and complain there is extra charge on their 6GB data. My co-worker used close to 6GB once, I asked her what did she do on her phone, she told me she steam tv drama for 5hrs everyday that month @@”, that’s crazy.

    I never go over 2GB, and mobilicity is saying if u go over 6GB or 20GB, it will slow down. They didn’t say there is a charge if you go over. Plus Mobilicity never even charge u extra, unless u have money on the “wallet” and u have to put money into ur “wallet” in advance b4 they can charge.

    It still unlimited, it just the matter of speed. If most of u won’t even close to the limited….don’t even need to worry about it.

  • Mobilicity is BROKEn

    Analysis of a current and typical Mobilicity customer, please.

    Will they pay $20 more for the premium data of an additional 20GB when they already have 6GB with their current plan? Even if it’s for a faster speed?

    Hmmm, again, their CURRENT Mobilicity customers.

    Will this gain new customers? At their current coverage area?

    Time will tell.

    • Eeeek Gad

      Their customers are very “cost conscious” (you know what that means…)

      If their current customers were able to afford an additional $20 bump in their plans, they would very likely be with another provider at LTE speeds, not 4G. Price tag at $60/month… That doesn’t include or is available to those lurking FnF $35 plans or BTS $25.

      As for the answer of, will this attract them new customers, very unlikely, for the same reason as above. Those aren’t the customers Mobilicity markets to.

      Cost conscious customers will NOT pay more than what they currently pay for 4G or LTE, when the past two years they’ve been “relatively OK” with their current throttled speeds. If it was a main issue, they would have gone to another provider by now (certainly, many did).

      So, an analysis summary would say that their current customer profile really won’t pay more compared to what else is in the marketplace (LTE speeds, larger coverage area, store locations, iphone, hardware choices, etc.)

      Why would you pay more when it’s really just less?

    • Dopey Mobi Chicka

      SO, what you mean is, that with these prices, it’s a FAIL for current customers, and a FAIL for new customers.

      Is that right?

    • Bork

      Hahaha… stop talking to yourself, dimwit!

    • OGOD

      “cost conscious”
      That’s true, but sad. Coz most countries pay cheaper cell phone bill compare with Canadian. BIG3 must think Canadian are more rich than other countries, so even higher bills would be fine, only people who “cost conscious” pay cheap bills. The whole world is poor….

      That’s also the reason y people who live in BC pay for the free Winter Olypic events….-_____-“

  • android

    Does this mean that 2mpbs data cap will be removed?

  • Jer

    So how does this work exactly for old customers? Do we get bumped to higher speeds or do I have to pay extras for it?

  • Dopey Mobi Chicka

    Ohhhh Mobilicity. Sigh.

    Always the Bridesmaid, never the Bride.

  • Wilson

    Think of it this way. 20GB of truly high-speed HSPA+ data is dead cheap. It’s a mobile connection for $20 and it should be fast if they’re going to offer it otherwise it’s pointless.

    It’s a great deal. Where else are you going to find 20GB of mobile high-speed data?


    Hello ppl !

    i have a question, would love an answerss !

    1) does wind say they have a 4G 21Mbps network ?

    I know their speeds are AT BEST 21mbps, but if they can get get 5-10 consistantly that would be Nice for sayy a 25bts plan

    I had the panache, SPeeds were awful 0.5-1 consitently so i swithched to wind, now getting 2-4mbs consitantly with G nexus

  • Ken

    Keep moving along Mobi your still the cheapest game in town compared to Robellus. Mobi’s pricing structure has to change to be competitive to stay in business. The big 3 were making lots of changes before the new entrants came along were charging anything they wanted. People complained but had to use them as they were the only players in town at that time.I know I was one of them. We need more carriers in this country to break the big 3’s monopoly. Personally lets have less government interference,even breaking up the big 3’s territory and freeing up more spectrum or whatever its called. In all Wind Or Mobi are still cheaper than the big 3. Have a good day.

  • ~peters

    I’ve ben with Mobilicity for almost 2 years. I’m on their amazingly super fast 3G network and did I mention that its unlimited!!! Well ok enough. I am lucky to get even 1MPS download. Avg download speed is half this. So in speaking from experience I am not expecting much.

    Sorry but seeing is believing.

  • vinny

    I’ve been with Mobi for 2 years… over the last 6 months, I’ve averaged 2+ mbps download and 900 kbps upload with the HTC Panache.

    I don’t see how people get 0.5 mbps? I test throughout the GTA and consistently get above 2.

  • Zack

    Will people with the 6Gb cap still get 4G or do we have to pay extra for it ? im confused

  • Zack

    does that mean the people with 6gb cap will also get 4g or do we have to upgrade to premium data to get 4g?

  • terrym

    we did a comparison using samsung s3 tethering to an xbox running netflix. using winds network the movie froze several times a minute. the mobilicity didnt freeze once