Are you experiencing platform subscription fatigue?

Netflix, Crave, Amazon Prime, Spotify, YouTube Premium, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, PlayStation Plus, Nintendo Switch Online are all the services that I currently subscribe to.

Are you in the same boat as me, feeling like you currently have too many subscription services in your life? The worst thing about it is that I don’t know what I could possibly get rid of, Netflix Originals and HBO (via Crave) feel vital, and I use Amazon Prime to ship things to me very quickly.

YouTube Premium allows me to download content on YouTube, a feature I love, Xbox Game Pass Ulitmate comes with so many games, and PlayStation Plus lets me play games with my friends.

Lastly, with the Nintendo Switch Online I typically only use it to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and lose against kids half my age.

While I understand that each month this is costing me nearly $100 (I have the highest tier of Crave and Netflix), I still somehow feel like I need them all. And with Disney+ coming to Canada very soon, you know that I’ll have to get that, simply for all of the new episodes of The Proud Family. 

But frankly, paying nearly $100 per month for all of these services is way too much money and I feel a sense of subscription fatigue. There are some months where I never even touch Amazon Prime or Nintendo Switch Online, but yet, I wouldn’t want to get rid of them. It’d be nice to disconnect from them all and to keep that extra $90+ in my pocket each month, but that’s not the case.

I just wish that there was one subscription service for everything, instead of going to Crave for The Handmaid’s Tale, Prime Video for The Boys and Netflix for The Umbrella Academy.

We at MobileSyrup are wondering if you’re in the same situation.

Let us know in the comments below what you subscribe to and if you feel like you’re subscribing to too many services.