YouTube Premium now supports 1080p downloads on mobile [Update]

It's unclear if the feature available yet in Canada

YouTube Premium now supports 1080p downloads on iPhone.

Redditor swaroop4s posted on the social news aggregation website a screenshot from their iPhone with the ability to download content in 1080p. Previously, users could only download videos in 720p resolution.

YouTube Premium finally supports 1080p downloads in iPhone from r/iphone


Additionally, we checked our in-office iPhone with YouTube Premium and it did not have the feature available on it yet, either. It’s possible that it’s not available in Canada, though there’s also a possibility that it’s a gradual rollout.

We’ve reached out to Google Canada for more information.

However, let us know in the comments below if you see the 1080p download quality option.

Source: Reddit (swaroop4s) 

Update:02/08/2019: YouTube Premium now supports 1080p downloads on Android as well, according to Android Police.