Samsung Galaxy S III will apparently be 7mm thin, quad-core… launching in May?


  • Dalex

    I’m trying to throw my money at the monitor, but it keeps saying to wait. Gah!

    • Dan

      Honestly, it looks great but rather than a quad-core, which is kind of unnecessary for most, I would much rather see the money go to an amazing camera (beat out the iPhones and HTC Amaze) and also screen/battery life.

    • Boojay

      Agree with Dan. Also, I could care less how thin the phone is. If the phone is too wide, it will not fit comfortably in the hand regardless of how thin it is.

  • Malevolent

    I was hoping for a larger battery this time around something similar to the Razr Maxx but “thinner” likely squashes that wish. 🙁

  • jewfei

    please don’t make it ridiculously large like 4.7 inches or something

    • Sean

      With it being a 16×9 screen it would have the same width as a current 4.3′ device

  • whocares

    Probably gonna have like a 5 inch screen, too big.

  • SAM


    What Apple will do in this case?????

    • Thai

      Apple will sue.

  • roman129

    No! Stop making phones thinner. The Galaxy Nexus is already too thin for me to hold comfortably. It’s slid out of my hands a few times.
    Keep the thickness consistant at a comfortable 11mm, and fit larger batteries every time you’ve shrunk the other components. Please!

    • ToniCipriani

      This. Thin phones are awkward to hold. I tried my friend’s S2 and completely hated it.

    • pie

      Yeah it always slips outta my hands as well, and I have dainty hands. A bulky and protective case solves this problem though!

  • Ahoy

    Hmm…only 8MP camera? That can’t be right? Just hoping there’s a significant improvement on battery life, else I’ll keep my SII :).

    • Sean

      Just beecause it is still 8MP doesn’t mean they won’t improve it at all

    • Blah blah blah

      The number of megapixels the sensor has is one of the least important aspects of a digital camera. Unless you plan on blowing up an image to poster size then even a 2 megapixel camera would be perfectly ok. What they need to work on is better optics (the lenses), and making the existing pixels higher quality with better performance.
      Don’t be fooled by marketing bs about cameras with 37364 megapixels, just a sham especially in phones.

  • Ben Dover

    The battery must be at least 10000000 mAh for me to consider it. Also it must be 0.1″ thick and have a screen size of 47535674″.

  • Ben Dover

    The battery must be at least 10000 mAh for me to consider it. Also it must be 0.1″ thick and have a screen size of 4674″.

  • jellmoo

    Honestly, I’d rather have a bigger battery and a better camera lens.

    There is a point where a phone is simply too thin and feels uncomfortable in the hand. My GS2 comes close to that as is, making it even thinner seems like just bragging rights to a category that should be valued less than practical performance.

  • Island

    Don’t worry about the battery life, a Korean site said the SGIII will have at least 4 hours talk time, up to 12 hours standby.

  • AndroidForLife

    Freakin awesome. Where does the stylus fit?

    Glad they are going thinner. My buddy’s Galaxy Note is a little wide to fit in my jeans, unless I adjust the boys. Making it thinner will give my balls a little breathing room. The Note is Ok for girls, but guys need some extra room 😉

  • monsterduc1000

    “and a Super AMOLED Plus display” ??? Hopefully an HD display!!!

  • General Zod

    I actually put a cheap 20 dollar case on my S2 to give it a little more weight and make it feel a little more hefty.

    So I’m not sure how thin I’d want a phone to go (allthough I suppose if you use a case for it, it might take up less space overall). I do know a 4.3″ screen is about as big as i want to go in lengthxwidth dimensions. I’m not really a big fan of jumbo 4.7″ phones. It’s just too big for a phone.

    If they make this thing bigger just to one up last years model, hopefully they make a smaller variant later on.

  • Alpha

    So, has anyone kept track of how much it costs to constantly upgrade to the newest phone in the last 12 months?

    Something like SII, Galaxy Nexus, now SIII? 3x$600 = $1800 less 50% loss = $900 or so? Anyone?

    • Dan

      2X600$ in my case. No reason for the galaxy nexus. Saw from its announcement that Samsung held back in order to keep the best tech for their very own S3 instead of giving its best for the nexus.

      My international unlocked GS2 still holds a ton of value and I keep it in prime condition, so it won’t be a major loss.

  • habskilla

    It’s probably using the new Gorilla glass 2. Better glass but thiner.

  • cave johnson

    Seems like an incremental update on HDW which was to be expected. I’m more interested to see what software features it comes packed with. Hardware alone doesn’t justify changing my HTC Sensation yet.

  • Jamie

    I want to see the screen no larger then 4.5 inches, I think 4.3 is that sweet spot. Anything more it’s not comfortable to hold in your pocket. The thinner build will be a pain for someone who isn’t going to put a case on it I think that’s just too thin.

    They are still pushing hard on tablets so leave that market for the larger screens to watch movies. Keep the phones to a usable size.

    • Van G

      Had to return the GN for just that reason – screen to big and phone to thin. Switched to ‘you know who’ and am hoping some new ICS phones with 4.3″ screen come out for the fall with great camera and battery life.

  • BruinsFan

    May? Hmm. I have to find the patience to wait 3 more months. Currently using an iPhone 3G after my Bold 9700 crapped out. Was about to go and upgrade to a GSII. Not too concerend with it being too thin, I’ll be getting a case for it anyway.

  • crimsona

    8.5 mm with a 2500+ battery would be far preferred over a 7 mm 1800 battery…

  • Joe

    I cannot wait for Windows Phone 8…..

    Be sure to neg me as I talk about Windows Phone in a post that obviously pertains to Android.

    • ToniCipriani

      Thy will be done.

  • Jer

    None of us can probably answer this right now but here goes:
    Do you guys think it will support Mobi-Wind at launch? I’m hoping it does or that T-Mobile will get its own version soon after launch.

    I really want the S3, but if it doesnt support mobi, I’ll have to pick another phone presented at the event end of Feb.

  • idonkey

    Oh no! This Samsung Galaxy S III is going to make iphone 6 or 7 look like a DUMB phone.

  • T-Money

    Is this a typo? ” the GSII would be announced at Mobile World Congress”

  • Apple4Life

    I just got my iphone 4s today, now my nuts have breathing room compared to my even not that big nexus s. Thickness honestly doesn’t matter and a 3.5 inch screen is perfect for a PHONE.

  • Colin-P

    I own a Galaxy S II and the screen is too small. 4.65 in a similar sized shell sounds great to me. Not sure I understand why they want the phone so thin but I trust Samsung. My SGS2 is the best phone I’ve ever used, battery life, durability, android market, etc. It’s stellar.