Toronto commuters rejoice… PATH gets an app!

People visiting Toronto and even those who fight the daily grind know how convenient and frustrating the underground Path is.

This Path covers over 27 kilometres of walkways that connect business within 50 buildings… and now a free app has been developed for the iPhone – and iPod Touch – called “Map the Path”.

The features of Map the Path are
• Directory listings of all businesses located in the underground area sorted by category.
• Listings displaying results based on proximity, using the iPhone’s built-in location finder
• Easy to read, sizable map, showing the complete, underground path area.
• Search options: search by building, store name, category or keyword
• Top 10 list with Recommendations of where to eat, closest flower shop

Roxana Vasquez, founder and creative director of BonceWorks said “I can’t count the number of times that I’ve been lost in the overwhelming maze, that is Toronto’s underground – and wished I had a map with me that would tell me where to find the business or exit I was looking for. I realized I was not alone and the idea to create Map the Path quickly came to life”.

No worries if you’re a BlackBerry user as an app is currently under development.

Check it out here