Samsung rolls out new teaser video for upcoming Unpacked event

The teaser doesn't give anything away

Samsung Unpacked teaser

Samsung’s got a major event coming up where the South Korean company is expected to unveil several new phones. As such, Samsung rolled out a new teaser video for the event, dubbing it ‘Unpacked 2020.’

Unsurprisingly, the teaser does not show off any of the phones Samsung will likely launch at the event. That includes the rumoured Galaxy S20 series — formerly expected to be the S11 series — as well as the leaked foldable Galaxy Z Flip. The new devices don’t make appearances in the teaser, but the video does hint at them.

For example, the ‘Galaxy’ logo displayed in the video has two covered shapes in place of the ‘a’ letters. One shape is rectangular, likely representing the S20, while the other is square and possibly represents the folded Z Flip. The teaser shows the shapes moving around under a white fabric, then says “Change the shape of the future.”

Finally, the teaser ends on ‘2020’ but replaces the zeroes with the covered shapes again. The screen goes black and shows the date for Unpacked, which will take place on February 11th.

“Change the shape of the future” seems like a solid slogan for an event that will unveil a new foldable smartphone. However, it could also reference some new feature of the Galaxy S20, S20+ or S20 Ultra that has yet to be leaked. Some readers posit that the shapes in the teaser could represent the camera bump designs for the new phones as well.

Regardless, we’ll find out the truth on February 11th when the event happens. Until then, it’s just leaks and speculation.

Source: Samsung (YouTube) Via: GSMArena