Nintendo says it has sold over 2 million SNES Classics since September launch

SNES Classic with two controllers

Nintendo has announced that it has sold over two million SNES Classic Editions since the device launched on September 29th. The news comes from a slide deck presented by Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima, accompanying Nintendo’s recently published quarterly earnings report.

Retailing for $99 CAD, the SNES Classic is a retro miniature console pre-loaded with 21 classic Super Nintendo Entertainment System games, including Super Mario World and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. 

The system has been notoriously difficult to get, selling out within minutes whenever restocked at stores or online. That said, retailers like Best Buy have received weekly shipments, albeit those containing limited quantities. Nintendo promised “dramatically increased” production of the hot item, and while the system does still sell out quickly, there certainly seems to have been an increase in supply — at least compared to last year’s NES Classic.

The latter system released in November and sold out immediately, with few — if any — restocks taking place in the following months. Nintendo then announced in May that the system was discontinued, disappointing many fans who were never able to get one during this time.

However, Nintendo confirmed in September that the system will be sold once again in summer 2018. In the new presentation, Kimishima took the opportunity to reaffirm Nintendo’s commitment to re-releasing the system next year.

Outside of hardware, the Japanese gaming giant also estimated that two million copies of Super Mario Odyssey have been sold since the system released exclusively on the Nintendo Switch last Friday.

On the mobile front, Nintendo said that while Super Mario Run has reached 200 million downloads, the game has “not yet reached an acceptable profit point.” The game originally launched on iOS devices last December, offering the first three levels for free and the rest of the game locked behind a $13.99 price tag. The game later came to Android in March.

Still, Nintendo says it has “learned a lot in terms of game development and deployment” from the experience of making Super Mario Run. 

Nintendo says its second mobile effort, Fire Emblem Heroeshas fared better, saying the game is “on track to meet our overall business objectives, including our profit objectives.”

Looking to the the future, Nintendo pointed towards the continued success of the Switch. The company revealed in its quarterly earnings report that it has sold nearly eight million units of the system since its launch in March.

Via: Polygon