HTC Amaze 4G now available at TELUS


  • Adam

    I like the camera on this phone!

    • bob

      You like it even before you know how it compares to other phones?

  • JL

    Let’s see if that 42.2mbps radio produces some “4G” speeds. Hopefully it does.

    • Dan

      I’ve been testing my SG2X multiple times a day, speeds vary wildly from less than a meg to almost 10 megs with little pattern. Looking like the average is around 3-4Mbps. I do think its silly claiming theoretical speeds that are not even close to reality. I would love to hear some real world results from that LTE network.

    • Clyde

      I’ve honestly seen steady speeds of 9mb/s (which is higher than my s**t cogeco internet) in st catharines. I’ll check my speeds once i’m in kitchener on saturday and let y’all know. But i was surprised to see 9mb/s in such a s**t area.

  • Oliver

    Was hesitating between this and SG2X. Mainly because of the finish of the exterior of the phone. Still have 13 days to change my mind if ever.

    • Shamu

      don’t hesitate any longer .. go with the GSIIX.

    • mui

      i think u should go with HTC, i am using unlocked sgs2 x on mobilicity, man the reception is poor on it. how can a high end phone like that have dropped calls.

    • GMan

      I’ve always found HTC to have more of a human touch on their phones, whereas Samsung phones just feel like a piece of machinery. It’s quite subjective and hard to explain.

  • cody

    Really nice premium disign and build quality from HTC once again!

  • Dan

    SG2X has the superior battery which is important. Both will be in a case anyway so beauty is not important. As for screen resolution. I absolutely love the screen on my SG2X. The nexus and other higher res phones all have the same processor, meaning they will be slower as more power and processing is devoted to PPI resolution that is not necessary.

    • bob

      What are you talking about?
      The Galaxy Nexus has a different CPU and GPU.
      And GPU power isn’t needed for PPI. It is needed for higher resolution however.

  • dirtychoncho

    Mui, I think your issue is Moblicity and not the SGX2

    • Mindless

      On Telus. Have a buddy that just got the S2..I have a Desire Z, we were sitting in the theatres and I had full bars..he had 0-2 on his S2.

      The phone could be playing a part as well.

  • Johnny 2 Shoes

    I was a long time HTC user, from the Hero, Desire, & Desire HD… I recently switched to the Samsung SG2X and i couldn’t be happier, just superior to HTC IMHO

  • Sammy

    Battery life on SG2X is indeed bigger but it also has a bigger screen (not by much) which will require more battery juice. Battery life will probably end up being about the same…maybe the samsung being slightly longer.

    I love the fact the amaze is still a good size — 4.3 inch screen is perfect for me. I love the build quality of the Amaze as well. It’s just a nicer looking device with a better camera IMO.

    You can’t go wrong with either device anyway.

  • John Lee

    @mui It’s Mobi’s signal that sucks, not the phone.

  • Daniel

    I think both phones are excellent, very close specs, tough choice. Got my GS2x last Friday. GS2 been out for little while, continued rave reviews, track record sold me… Reception better than the BBerry it replaced, no complaints so far… 🙂

  • Sammy

    I prefer the Amaze over the SG2X. Yes, the samsung has a bigger battery but it also has a bigger screen (not by much) which will require more battery juice. The battery life for these devices will probably end up being about the same — with the SG2X maybe being slightly longer.

    I love the build quality and design of the Amaze. Based on other video reviews i’ve seen, it looks to have a better camera too. Plus, 4.3 screen size is perfect for me.

    Both of these phones are BEASTS…you can’t go wrong with either one.

    • bob

      You forget one major point. The SGS2X has a S-AMOLED+ display, and this technology use less juice (especially if you use the black color a lot)
      Also the SGS2X might be smaller despite the larger display. It is at least thinner.

    • Dan

      I agree Amaze is definitely the better looking phone. My 2X is fairly bland in design, but even still you’ll want to put a case on it and it will hurt all the more doing it with that good looking phone. Both are good though but battery is so crucial if you want to use these phones the way they were meant to be.


    i hope they didnt put the antena in the back cover, again.

  • mui

    No, other phone works great on Mobilicity. This is the phone.

  • kevin

    Ok it’s november 4th..where’s my Moto Razr?

  • Sammy

    @ Bob – oh for sure the SG2X is thinner. No question. It just has that “plasticky” feel to it. The Amaze looks to been built with higher quality materials. Can’t wait to get my hands on one.

    • bob

      You buy a phone for the look?

    • bob

      Also plastic is of higher quality since it’s the most durable. It’s what will protect your phone the best if you drop it.

  • Dalex

    Another HTC phone that seems to be rushed to market for some reason. They just seem to be pumping out flagship phone afer flagship phone. Another old snapdragon processor on top of HTC sense just means same laggy experience. I cant wait for a good phone Telus… Galaxy Nexus anytime soon?

    What’s the draw to this phone, its thick, has terrible battery life, has a wrse screen than the samsung GS2 and its running old tech. Maybe my HTC desire is just leaving a bad taste in my mouth, but I expect more from HTC.

    • FOTTL

      Ive had HTC desire since the day it came out and till today im loving everything about it not a single problem that i came across. imm upgrading to this phone and i cant wait to get it looks to be an amazing phone. i never had any lags on my desire so i wouldnt imagine anything like that with this phone..

    • canoe_face

      The reason companies keep rushing out phone after phone is because consumers keep buying them thinking the *have* to have the latest and greatest hardware. My opinion is you don’t need the latest and greatest hardware, rather now that these phones run ‘real’ operating systems (android, IOS etc.) you need better software OS support in the form of frequent upgrades/fixes. But manufactures don’t make money that way so they want to sell you a new phone instead. Same with the carriers, they want you to buy a new phone and get into a new contract.
      I have a Nexus S and seems it will be getting ICS. Will be interesting to see what happens with the existing handsets out there.

    • Jaymmer

      Dalex …
      this processor is required for 42Mbps

  • Dalex

    The worse thing about my Desire is the lack of internal storage… 100 MB?? Are you effin kidding me? I have to constantly delete cache for apps that can’t be put on an SD card. That’s just stupid. With Google Maps and Adobe Flash just getting huger with every release its making the experience even worse. They decided against updating it to Gingerbread for that reason and got deservingly lambasted by the fans for it.

    Basically you could buy this HTC Amaze with Gingerbread then realize that it might be getting ICS in a year, when HTC finishes ruining ICS with sense so that they can put it on their devices.

    • FOTTL

      I agree that the desire didnt have enough storage but this phone doesnt have that problem.
      other than that i think its more of a personal thing.. i like sense and i would much rather have sense on Gingerbread than ICS with no sense.. but thats just me

  • Shaggyskunk

    Is that price of $99.00 on 3 yr. contract like rogers $199.00 SGll LTE that is really $249.00 less upgrade credit of $50.00?

  • Deli

    i really liked the Sensation look but this looks terrible! This is coming from a HTC fan.

  • dutchman13

    It looks beautiful, you have to admit. Not saying anything about the merits of the phone, but just on looks its got some good stuff going on

  • mce

    I’ve read reviews panning this device for battery life. Although I guess we’d have to wait for ‘real world’ use reports, but the qHD screen at that size sucks some serious power, it seems.

  • Brett

    I can never buy another phone other then Samsung…that is at least until another company licenses the AMOLED technology.It’s just too pretty!!!!

  • andrew

    Brett, the upcoming motorola razr uses super amoled advanced, should be comparable to the sgs2

  • Darren

    The HTC does have the mini HDMI output. The build is better to. But the SG2x has the larger screen, better battery and I expect will get Ics before amaze.
    I went with the Samsung and have to say I am really impressed. That being said, I do see the resolution and the vertical banding issue. But that’s just minor bitching.

  • Cdub

    I’ve got the Amaze 4g from telus..
    It’s a nice phone.. battery life is better than i expected it to be.. After i drained it dead. charged it up fully i got 18 hours with moderate use.. browsing, music player, setting up my phone. etc. downloading apps..

    My previous was a HTC Desire.. I’m liking the weight of it, screen is beautiful. lots of room for apps.. a huge step up from my Desire.. with plans for ICS in the future. of course that will take longer because Telus will have to dick around with it for a bit, before releasing it. But with the latest 2.3.4. and custom home launcher.. its a pretty sweet phone and will be even sweeter when ics is available.

    there’s some light bleed that comes from the lower function lights that makes it’s way onto the lower 6mm’s of the screen..of course this happens only when the lower function lights are on. I haven’t looked yet but i wouldnt doubt there is a way to disable lighting them. I notice it but it doesn’t really bother me. I personally like its chunkiness and weight.. not keen on holding something that might blow away with the wind. or that will slip out of my hand because its so rounded and smooth.. audio quality of calls is clear and crisp.. audio quality of lossless format and mp3’s is vastly superior to my htc desire. using the same headphones and poweramp plus eq preset.

    i was going to hold out for a HTC preinstalled with ics with beats audio. but I’m happy i got this phone..

    all phones have their cons.. just depends on whats more important to the individual..

    don’t slag it until you’ve held and used one..

    my 2 cents..