TELUS HTC Amaze officially launching November 4th


  • jruregbhemktmjr


  • Albert

    I heard rumours from HoFo, that this is coming to Wind too?

    • kenypowa

      It was released to T-Mobile US, which also uses AWS band that Wind and Mobility use. I doubt Wind will release it as they only release 3rd rated Huawei craps.

    • havy

      Wind/Mobilicity likely won’t carry it as Telus probably paid extra for exclusive rights. However if it has the AWS band, then should be able to unlock it and use on those carriers.

  • Allan

    I wish the HTC Raider had the specs of this phone (specifically the 1.5 GHz, 1730 mAh battery, 2 MP front camera, and NFC)


    been waiting for it for too long

  • Doug Irwin

    I was waiting for it as well but the Samsung Galaxy S2 X came out first. Oh well. I have no complaints about the Galaxy. Awesome phone.

  • KidCanada

    The difference in the pricing of one year is ridiculous. $99 on 3 year and $499 on 2 year??? Might as well buy it outright if you’re only getting $100 for 2 years..

    • RichieRich

      I agree with you. Canada’s wireless companies are bending us over backwards to make us choose the 3 year contracts. I seriously dont get it.

      The U.S.A. has 2 year contracts and comparable prices for their contracts to Canada. Yet we still have to join a 3 year contract to get the phones at a discounted price. Just goes to show how much money the big 3 actually make off us.

  • Darren

    This is coming out now to make room for the Nexus in a couple weeks. Thats my thought.

  • Sammy

    I’m really loving the battery size in this thing.

    Sorry RIM… you are taking too damn long with the BBX/QNX devices. HTC is wooing me away BIG TIME. I may say bye-bye to BB. Looking forward to the video review.

    • FOTTL

      dont be fooled by the battery size, it does have a big battery but i checked out some reviews and most said that the phone’s weak spot is the battery life. but its not too bad

  • Stephen Elsker

    Argh! I was waiting on this and I decided to get an iPhone 4s yesterday! talk about poor timing!

    • Anthony

      You can always exchange it!

  • saffant

    The Amaze is one sexy phone; quite unlike the rugged looking Raider.

  • carolyn

    if you had to choose between the htc amaze or the htc desire hd, which one would you guys choose?

    • Stimulator

      Carolyn> You’re joking, right? The Desire HD is a year old, the Amaze is brand new!

  • carolyn

    yeah but does it necessarily make it a ‘better’ phone just because it’s newer? not always…

    • Stimulator

      Carolyn> The Amaze is better in every measurable way: screen resolution, processor speed, memory, internal storage, battery size, camera, download speed, and will probably get more future software updates.

    • carolyn

      okay thanks for the input.

      as you can tell i’m not cell-tech savvy, but looks like i’ll be going with the Amaze.

  • CamLS

    Sorry but I couldn’t wait any longer with my bb 8330. I went with the Galaxy X and could not be happier. I wasn’t sure about the touchwiz UI or the lower res screen but I assure you, both are terrific.

    • Smitty

      @Stimulator: Oh yeah, for sure. Sorry, I got carried away with the whole “AMOLED is better” thing. But yes, absolutely right, that’s like saying 1080p is better than plasma. Don’t make a lick o’ sense.

  • John

    The GS2X is still better. Super AMOLED is much nicer than a QHD screen

    • Stimulator

      John> AMOLED and qHD cannot be directly compared, they are both features that a screen can have, one being a type of display material, the other the resolution of a display. You can have a screen that is both AMOLED and qHD.

    • Smitty

      Ehhh, though technically speaking it’s a ‘better’ display (thinner, lighter on battery, better in direct light), as someone who’s been working in photofinishing for years (part of my job being colour-correcting photos), I can’t stand the blue-tinted colours on the AMOLEDs. Samsung tries to hide this by giving their skin a blue-heavy theme, but it still shows through. It’s just a trademark of LEDs – there are no true whites yet. Hold an LCD and AMOLED next to each other and you’ll see the difference. That’s my main reason for sticking with HTC. I like white whites. Just ma two cents 🙂

    • Stimulator

      Smitty> I know what everybody means, but they are saying the wrong thing. They should be saying AMOLED is a more efficient, richer colour screen than *LCD*, not qHD. All qHD means is the resolution of the screen, not that it is LCD. As per my previous example, the new RAZR has a qHD AMOLED screen, so saying that AMOLED is better than qHD is an incorrect statement.

    • Smitty

      @Stimulator: Oh yeah, for sure. Sorry, I got carried away with the whole “AMOLED is better” thing. But yes, absolutely right, that’s like saying 1080p is better than plasma. Don’t make a lick o’ sense. (Misposted to the previous comment.

  • saffant


    But such a screen doesn’t exist (yet).

    As far as comparing them – we’re not exactly comparing them directly, but rather just seeing what is more preferable; majority would say the Super AMOLED Plus screen.

    • Stimulator

      Saffant> So what’s on the new RAZR? 😉

  • Sub-Joker

    ok, beside the minor processing speed bump (donno about the RAM memory), and the bigger battery, how does this phone differ from the Sensation which was released around 4 months ago from Bell.

    Telus is still playing catch up with Bell and Rogers….. but at least that will be a solid device.

  • saini22505

    If it was $499.99 it be amazing.:-P

  • Darren

    They are playing catch up with the other 2.
    With the Galaxy Nexus looking like Verizon will get the only LTE device, I think Telus might get the exclusivity for the Nexus HSPA+. So they need to push this phone out now to make room.
    Thats my call.

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