CCTS says telecom companies “going to co-operate to make this work”

logo_cctsThe Commission for Complaints for Telecommunications Services is going to be doing a full out PR blitz in the upcoming months (new website, brochures advertising in phone books). The CRTC mandated independent agency has been around for almost 2-years and deals with all the consumer and business complaints regarding the Canadian Telecom sector.

The reason for the delay in promoting is because a process could not be agreed upon by all the service providers. Kinda begs the question of who really is in control. CCTS director Howard Maker said “Trying to get a consensus among themselves and then coming back to us was kind of time consuming. Many of them have had, and likely still do have, reservations about the process and whether they should be required to participate in it – they’ve expressed that – but in the end they’ve said, ‘Here we are and we are going to co-operate to make this work.'”

Bell, Rogers and Telus are required to display CCTS info and contact details on their websites and on customers bills at least twice, with the first to be implemented by the end of January 2010.

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