Android 12 leak showcases massive design overhaul

The leak shows off significant changes to notifications, the lock screen, widgets and more


After leaking renders of Google’s upcoming Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, YouTuber Jon Prosser is back with another set of leaks, this time about Android 12.

In a new episode of FrontPageTech, Prosser showed off some slides and a video clip detailing a new design for Android 12. The design looks pretty unique and would be a significant departure from the current styling of Android 11. Moreover, the leaks are reminiscent of another leak from earlier this year that showed a significant overhaul coming with Android 12.

However, we’ve already seen Android 12 thanks to the ongoing Developer Previews, and it largely looks the same as Android 11, with some exceptions — for example, the refreshed settings menu. If these leaks are accurate, there’s likely much more significant changes in store that Google plans to unveil at its I/O developer conference next week.

The first part of Prosser’s leak shows two slides that allegedly will be part of Google I/O. The first shows some text describing Android 12. It mentions a “beautiful new experience” with “stronger privacy and security protections” and that “all of your devices work better together.”

The first sentence clear references the new design, while the second may be about the rumoured new camera and microphone indicators we saw earlier this year. Apple made waves when it added camera and microphone indicators to iOS that show when an app is accessing either of those pieces of hardware — Google is expected to add a similar capability to Android 12.

The last part, about devices working better together, is less clear. That could be a reference to connectivity features that exist between Pixel devices and Chrome OS, or it could mean something else entirely.

The other slide Prosser shows features several widgets, again in the same style as we’ve seen in previous leaks.

Finally, Prosser shows a video clip that reveals a ton of design changes in Android 12, including a new display system for notifications, audio controls and more. If you look closely, you can see a new keyboard design, widgets, notification shade, something that looks like ‘Control Center‘ from iOS, a refreshed calculator interface, a new lock screen with a bigger clock and more.

The video moves incredibly fast and all the elements appear to be quite fluid and adaptable.

Overall, this looks like a crazy design refresh. I was excited for Android 12 before, but this has me very, very amped. While Prosser hasn’t always been the more accurate when it comes to leaks (remember when he had to shave his eyebrows?), there’s been plenty of evidence that Android 12 will bring a major design overhaul. Regardless, we’ll find out what Google has in store for Android 12 in just a few days when the company kicks off Google I/O on May 18th.

Source: FPT