Android 12 screenshots show off stark new design

The new look seems to have a lot in common with Samsung's One UI

These screenshots from XDA Developers give us our first look at what a themed Android 12 might look like, illustrating the significant impact customization is poised to have on the operating system’s (OS) next big update.

XDA says that these screenshots are from an internal Google document that aims to reveal some of the changes coming in Android 12. There’s no way of knowing if these screenshots or features are real, so as with all leaks, approach these images with an air of skepticism.

One of the most considerable changes appears to be an overall beige theme. We’ve been hearing reports that Google is working on a universal theming option that will apply to the basics of Android and some apps.

Beyond that, it appears that Google is using an opaque Notification panel in Android 12. There also seem to be fewer quick toggles, and notifications are more rounded. Eagle-eyed viewers will see that the company has incorporated camera and mic notifications into the OS, similar to what Apple added to iOS 14.

It looks like you can tap on Google’s version of the feature to disable the camera, mic, location services and other privacy-related hardware features.

The new theme colour in the screenshot perfectly matches the wallpaper, so it’s unclear if these unique themes will be preset colours or based-off your wallpaper.

Another part of the theme is a new selection of widgets. It’s unclear if Google plans to revamp widgets to bring them more in line with the uniformity found on iOS, but the company appears to have at least one new widget of its own.

The new Google Widget called ‘Conversations’ displays recent messages, missed calls and other messaging app-related information. This seems like an extension of the Conversation Bubble feature Google added in Android 11. XDA Developers says that this widget will be mandatory on all Android 12 devices.

That’s about it from this info dump. That said, the Android 12 developer preview is expected to launch soon, so it’s we’ll get a clearer look at Android 12 soon.

Image source: XDA Developers

Source: XDA Developers