Twitter reportedly prepping ‘Blue’ subscription with undo tweets feature

Twitter Blue could cost $2.99 USD per month with other, more expensive tiers to come in the future

Twitter is prepping a new paid subscription service called ‘Twitter Blue’ that will include an ‘undo tweets’ feature as well as a bookmark collection feature.

App researcher Jane Manchun Wong — who often uncovers new features for social media apps ahead of release — detailed Twitter Blue and its two features in a tweet. Further, Wong shared that Twitter Blue will cost $2.99 USD per month (roughly $3.62 CAD).

The undo tweets feature is essentially a short timer that appears after posting a tweet. During that time, users can cancel the tweet before it goes live. It could be a great way to review and fix a tweet before it goes live with a typo. While it’s no edit function, it’s better than nothing.

As for the bookmarks collection, it appears to be a way for users to save tweets. The feature looks to support folders, so users could create, for example, a ‘tech’ folder with tweets from tech news sources, or a ‘food’ collection for tweets about food.

Finally, Wong tweeted that Twitter is developing a tiered subscription pricing model for Blue that will come in the future. Wong indicated that some higher tiers could include premium experiences like “clutter-free news reading,” pointing to Twitter’s Scroll acquisition.

Twitter Blue would be the latest in a series of features designed to monetize the platform’s user base. Most recently, Twitter announced its ‘Tip Jar‘ feature that will let people pay others for their tweets. Twitter also recently updated its photo-cropping algorithm to show taller images (and hopefully be less racist).

At the same time, Twitter reminded Android users that they’re stuck with an inferior app after finally rolling out a direct message (DM) search feature that’s been available on the iOS version of Twitter for two years.

Source: Jane Manchun Wong (Twitter) Via: The Verge