Bell increasing some customers’ mobile plans by $3 to $5 in March

Both Bell and Virgin say they notified customers in January

Some Bell Mobile customers will see $3 to $5 increases on their bill this month.

A spokesperson for the carrier confirmed to MobileSyrup that Bell was implementing price adjustments for some customers, noting that it let impacted customers know about the change in January.

You can read the full statement below:

“We always let our customer base know well in advance of any upcoming changes to their plans. At the beginning of this year in January, we let some of our Bell Mobility customers know that there would be some price adjustments of $3- $5 taking effect at the beginning of March. The price changes support continued investment in our world-class mobile networks and infrastructure, which provide our customers faster speeds and reliability in a competitive marketplace.”

Several readers reached out to MobileSyrup regarding Bell raising rates after the carrier’s flanker brand, Virgin Mobile, did the same. However, like with Virgin, several readers claim they never received Bell’s notice about the rate hike.

Neither carrier provided details about which rate plans or customers were impacted by the increase.

Along with Bell and Virgin, Telus flanker brand Koodo increased rates for some legacy customers by $5 per month. That increase came in February alongside changes to in-market plans that removed Canada-wide calling in favour of provincial calling. Koodo has since walked back the rate plan change, but the separate $5 legacy plan increase remains.