Google Store deals offer Nest Hub and Stadia at discounted prices

The Pixelbooks get a decent accessory bundle too

Nest Hub

If you’re a fan of Google hardware, you might be in luck because the search giant has a few items on sale right now.

Some of the sales aren’t spectacular like the Stadia Premiere edition that’s only $14 off at $126 CAD. At the same time, other devices like the Google Home Max, are discounted by up to $100.

On of the cooler deals is focused on Google’s Pixelbooks. If you buy one right now, it comes with an accessory bundle. Both bundles include AIAIAI tracks USB-C headphones. The Pixelbook also comes with a Google-branded sleave to carry it in.

The Pixelbook Go, on the other hand, includes a dbrand skin and a Belory backpack, making it the better value. However, you need to get it with the i7 chipset variation.

Our favourite deals are listed below, but you can check out the full Google Store here.

Source: Google Store Canada