Next-gen Google Home Mini to add Nest branding, a 3.5mm audio jack

It's also reported that the device will have new colours and a better speaker

Home Mini

It looks like Google is on track to rebrand its Google Home Mini to keep it in line with this year’s Nest Hub. Google is also adding some new features to the device.

The new features include a 3.5mm audio port, a higher quality speaker, new colours and some form of a wall mount.

The most significant addition out of these is the headphone jack. This port will bring the Nest Mini in line with Amazon’s Echo Dot and will easily allow people to connect it to larger speakers. Since Google discontinued the Chromecast Audio, this could make the new Mini a replacement for that.

This leak comes from 9to5Google, and the publication’s sources say that the new device will be roughly the same size as the old one, but maybe a tiny bit larger. This could help fit the new speaker, which is reportedly louder, has more bass and better sound quality.

The new wall mount is one feature that should help people fit the mini into more situations. 9to5Google’s theory is that it could be a small hole on the back where users could hang the device like a wall clock.

One weird feature that the device is rumoured to have is proximity awareness. This sensor would allow the device to know when someone was nearby and could then show things like volume.

We can expect the new device to come out sometime in the fall during the Google Pixel 4 launch.

Source: 9t05Google