Android P brings iPhone X-like gestures to Google’s mobile operating system

The changes mark a major change for Android navigation

Android P will usher in some iPhone X-like gestures, Google revealed at today’s I/O 2018 developer conference.

The shift marks a major design change. The three familiar icons at the bottom of the display (back, home and overview) have been replaced by a single line users can move around.

Then there are the gestures. Replacing the ‘Overview’ button, users can access a multitasking area by doing a short swipe upwards.

The multitasking area is also redesigned, offering a horizontally scrolling list of open applications, along with access to the search bar and some suggested apps.

Users can actually highlight and copy text in specific cards without leaving the scrolling interface.

To get to the app drawer, you’ll need to do a longer swipe up.

Additionally, you can also scroll between open applications by tapping and sliding along the home button.

Not everything is changing though. To go home, users still need to tap the redesigned home button, while holding down the home button brings up Google Assistant.

Further, the back button isn’t totally gone. You can access it in certain applications contextually, but it won’t be constantly available.

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