iOS 11 adoption reaches 52 percent, down from previous versions


  • Bill___A

    It took about a month or so for all of my apps and processes to “settle in” with updates. I also had to redo the homekit as one brand of homekit items went rogue. However, now it is all well and good.

  • southerndinner

    Not surprising. iOS 11 is a bit of a mess. It isn’t even well optimized for the iPhone X – the Note 8’s much slower SOC has better real world performance.

  • FTR_Part_deux

    Apple users are all aloof…Reviewers of the betas were all saying the same thing about iOS 11, so they didn’t update to the latest iOS.

    I kinda wish I stuck with 10.3.3.

  • Smanny

    You bring up Android 8. However any device with Android 7 and the right cameras can use Google’s new ARCore (AR). The same is true for Vulkan graphics as well.

    • ciderrules

      Sales ≠ subscribers. When most Android phones are $50 throwaways you’re going to have high sales every quarter. At that price people just get a new one when they have a problem. So the subscriber base doesn’t increase even though sales are over a billion a year (and have been for many years now). Or do you actually think there’s 5-6 billion Android phones currently in use? Especially when Google stated at I/O there were 2 billion Android devices (not phones, devices – which includes phones, tablets, media sticks and so on) in active use.

      Using Googles own numbers we’d have just over 4 million devices on Oreo. Quite pathetic considering it launched before iOS did.

    • thereasoner

      “quite pathetic”
      Why? Google updates their own phones in a timely manner just like iPhones. Apple only updates 1 type of phone fast in the iPhone, same with Google and their Pixels.

      People on Android who want fast updates are well served by the Pixels. Criticism that Google can’t update dozens of other brands as fast when absolutely no one in the industry does that is what’s pathetic here.

    • ciderrules

      Funny how Android users talk about being open and having choice and market share. Except when it comes to updates or security, where you have to buy a Google device and are locked into a “walled garden” that’s no different than Apple.

      And sorry, it’s Googles fault that OEMs don’t update Android. They could have easily made conditions for using Android to include providing updates. They already have numerous other conditions OEMs have to follow. Google likes to pick and choose when to throw their weight around.

    • thereasoner

      We do have great choices, fast updates with Google or new exclusive features and a variety of hardware from other OEMs. Apple users have no choice, for Android It’s the best of both worlds.

      That and Google can’t enforce fast industry wide updates unless they force everyone to drop OEMs customization/exclusive features and make only Pixels. Absolutely nobody wants that!

      BTW, no need to be “sorry”, I already realize that you don’t understand how Android works or things like choices.

    • Smanny

      Where is the “walled garden” with Google, Android, or its ecosystem? Don’t you mean the Apple “walled garden”. Because that is where the “walled garden” originated, and stays there today. I can drop my Android smartphone today and use all the Google’s services on other platforms. Nobody can do that with Apple’s platforms. You buy into it, and you are locked down. Thank God I didn’t buy any iBooks, or get too heavily invested in iMessage, FaceTime, or any of the other exclusive Apple apps and services. Wow, ciderrules are you trying to show the world how ignorant you really are? Or are you secretly trying to get people to post facts like this to help Android out? If it’s the later of the two, then good job with helping others to see how locked down and closed off Apple, and it’s platforms really are.

    • thereasoner

      Yep, I would add proprietary peripherals, the lack of competing app stores, a take it or leave it UI, NFC locked down, no Mobile Payment options (not even your own banks app) ect. Heck, they’re still using the antiquated lighting cable when everyone else has switched to the far superior USB C port. Talk about being walled in!

    • Domino67

      “2 billion Android devices”…..

      Liar!…….It’s USERS not devices.

    • John Lofwire

      And almost any android version can run any apps as the API are updated by google directly.
      As for security you ca get a good security software on android and be covered there as well.

      That the difference android do not need OS update to evolve unlike iOS.
      And when we see what iOS update do to older hardware…