Latest ‘iPhone 8’ leak shows off the phone’s all-screen display


  • Fshumayrqan

    Well Rogers take my money and run.

    • FTR_Part_deux

      They have already been doing that to all of us lol

    • vn33

      RoBellUs are already in the 100-metre race with our money!!

  • Zach Murray

    Android enthusiast here, but very excited for this phone if the rumours and renders are true. However that cutout at the top is not nice looking…

    • For sure if the screen is oled then those top corners would always stay black to blend in properly and only show the battery and signal. Its not so bad on a black phone but its going to look ugly on a white phone

    • Canadiana Jones

      I always hated that cutout design, since Essential Phone showed it off.

    • Will Maitner

      I doubt we’ll see it, since the notification bar at the top will probably match it in color. So if the bezel is while, you’ll see the battery and signal strength in black text on a white background, reversed for a black bezel.

  • John Lofwire

    finger print will be at the back.

    • h2oflyer

      No, it’s going to be on the side.

    • Nope. It looks like Touch ID will be neither on the back or the side of the smartphone.

  • Aidolon

    Personally, I prefer a modest “chin” and forehead” which stretch the full width of the chassis, and (ideally) integrate dual front speakers.

    The “notched” look of this iPhone 8 render, or of the Essential phone, aren’t very appealing to me.

    • ciderrules

      You won’t see the notch because it will be blacked out (color matched) to the front of the phone. All you’ll see are status icons on either side, like you do now. Except they won’t take up space from any content you’re viewing.

  • Marshall Davidson

    Meh…Who cares. Apple needs to substantially improve iOS and how it functions on these phones to make them better oriented to multi-tasking. They seem quite willing to do this for the iPad but the iPhone features in iOS11 just suck azz. At least Android provides some functionality that is useful whereas Apple still doesn’t get it.

    • EBIGN

      Exactly what feature are you referencing about? Both mobile OS offer multi-tasking. I multi task all the time with my iOS. Actually, I feel the iOS multi tasking feels more natural.

    • Sounds like you’re just trolling with this comment, since even most Android fans will admit that there’s little truth to what you’re saying.