Poll: What are you most excited about from Google I/O 2017?


  • Francois Nguyen

    One event in particular: Kotlin being adopted as the next language to be supported by Google in Android Development. On that video, the crowd went loud in cheers…

  • Other: Google Play coming to Canada soon.

  • Many99

    I would have to say it’s 2 things 1 androidpay when my contract expires on my iPhone now will have options to pay with my cibc card on android which I didn’t have when I left, 2 google home since it doesn’t appear that Amazon Alexa will ever show up in Canada and google home becomes a great option and new stuff is being added every day it will soon catch up to Alexa’s and its functions

  • Are you guys counting Google Lens under Google AI?

  • Smanny

    Standalone Daydream VR headsets.