Google Home is coming to Canada this summer


  • Can you still not add items to your Google Calendar though?

  • Thomas C. Riddell

    too late already have a echo

  • Allyouranusarebelongtous

    Finally…I will be able to have google home order my kids around (using simon says). It’s the only way forward with these little i****s…

  • Graison Swaan

    I’ll stick with Alexa

  • KiwiBri

    No way I’m buying into this.. Google hardware and platforms seem to be like a lottery.. Nexus player, Android wear etc

  • Thomas C. Riddell

    Your too late google I brought a Echo and I am happy with it
    It has more skills and IMO is better Device for 70 dollars CND
    Yes it not perfect but works well for me

  • Actionable Conclusion

    In fairness the search capabilities of Google Home are far superior to Amazon’s Echo devices however there is also a greater number of skill sets available for the latter that appeal to many.
    It’s good to see they are bringing this to market finally but it’s taken nearly a year by the time it hits the shelves here.
    Also, curious as to how they’re gonna add bluetooth? Are they proposing a whole new line of Home devices now? Making existing ones somewhat obsolete?

  • JD

    Sweet now Canada can help them Beta test the product!
    Meanwhile a first tier product like Alexa is held out of Canada.

  • Vishal Sheth

    I have an Echo dot and a Google Home and while saying “hey google” a bunch of times is more annoying than saying “Alexa,” I use my google home a lot more than my dot. I’m excited to for the new features coming like calling and “show me ______ on my tv” but even now, it’s a device i use every day for all sorts of little things and the new additions will only make it better