Here’s how to download Google Assistant for the iPhone in Canada


  • its like getting pokemon go before the Canada launch

  • stevedion

    Pretty stupid that i can get Google Assistant on a Canadian Android phone but not on the iPhone. Typical Google!

    • James

      I got it on my G5 a while ago, what are you using?

    • gommer strike

      Which phone are you using? Is it a phone that’s not a Nexus?

      That would be one reason why.

    • fidorulz

      Had same issue until I changed my phone language to English US on my S7 edge. For some reason English Canada wouldn’t work with it

      Once you change the language all I had to do is reboot and once done if I pressed and held the home button google assistant would work

  • Frank Field

    there is no none option for the credit card page, there is for the Canadian one

    • Dave La Rose

      Having the same issue here. Anyone have a solution?

    • Dave La Rose

      Manged to get it to work. You have to click “get” on a free app in the US app store.

  • JD

    Not worth it, I’ll stick with Ok Google since that actually works.

  • Steven Godfrey

    This does work but you won’t get any updated notifications unless you sign in to the App Store with your US account – it’s a pain.

    When will it be on the CDN App Store?

  • HiKsFiles

    tl;dr … not available in French anyway

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  • Evan Marshall

    This does not work on a Canadian iPhone 6. There is no option for “none” under billing info. Nice try using an older iOS though…

  • Mykeljon

    That’s a lot of work and bother when I don’t even know if the product is worth having. It would have to be way better than Siri to make all this worthwhile. I think I’ll just wait for the Canadian release.