Details of how Microsoft is planning to transition Nokia into its brand leaks online


  • Midknightsun

    So the annihilation of Nokia is almost complete. Just a shame it’s come to this.

    • Matt Miller

      I’d say more like spiritual resurrection. It’s playful, beautiful and durable design principles will hopefully live on at Microsoft. At least it won’t be just dead and gone. Even if they placed all their bets on Android, they would’ve probably only been able to eek by. I mean, look at HTC. Beautiful hardware but lose money because of Android over-saturation. I think it’s change. Not doom and gloom.

    • Midknightsun

      Well said.

    • It’s Me

      I see it more as their last hope. Their annihilation was almost complete before the acquisition was announced.

  • JTon

    That is not a very flattering picture of Mr Elop :/

    • Benny X

      yeah, i’ve never understood why people let themselves go so far that they hit porky-pig status.. it’s never an appealing look.. then again he’s rich, probably has a trophy wife, and thus doesn’t have to care what he looks like.

  • disqusmy

    Elop is happy! As you can see. 🙂

    • Benny X

      prime candidate for a heart attack, from the looks of it.

      happy today, dead within 20 years.

    • disqusmy

      While he is happy, it will make it faster.