Virgin Mobile survey reveals 53% of Canadians have taken a selfie

“Selfie” was honoured by becoming Oxford Dictionaries 2013 Word of the Year. The official definition of this word is “a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website.”

Hopping on board this news is Virgin Mobile with a Canadian-directed survey that shows “Canadians love thy selfie.” According to online survey of “1,009 randomly selected Canadian adults” who are familiar with the concept of a selfie photo reveals that 53% have taken a selfie.

Virgin Mobile also defined a broader approach to selfie, declaring it to be “any photo you have taken of yourself, regardless of the device you used to capture the photo or whether or not you shared it with others.”

  • 78% of men are familiar with the concept of a selfie
  • 79% of women are familiar with the concept of a selfie
  • 71% of people who take selfies rarely or never share them, 29% do share
  • 67% of people familiar with selfies, don’t care about celebrity selfies
  • Over 40% of Canadians want to see less Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian selfies

“I am not ashamed to admit that I may have taken the odd selfie”, said Joseph Ottorino, managing director, Virgin Mobile Canada. “Like many Canadians, I care about instant access, getting the right angle and embodying the YOLO mantra. With our phones attached to us at all times, it makes sense to see people using them to capture moments as they happen.”

Source: CNW