Virgin Mobile survey reveals 53% of Canadians have taken a selfie


  • Humberto Giambrone

    The douchiness of the world is ever increasing…one shared selfie at a time.

  • Ryan Graham

    Ummm….One of those pictures is of Miley Cyrus…Do they not realize that?…

    • Bri

      Yup lol came here for this

  • QQ

    Bottom right b/w photo: Sheldon Cooper?

  • Patrick Serrano

    bloody hell, Bieber and Miley are there


    > Like many Canadians, I care about instant access, getting the right angle and embodying the YOLO mantra

    F*ck me, is this what our country has come to? I miss the days of CEO’s being out of touch old men.

  • Super_Deluxe

    While high school grad attendances decrease, the amount of selfies on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram increase. Great direction our generation is headed towards!

    • J-Ro

      Eventually, if everyone else dies. The youth of today will inherit the world by default. lol I think that is their only hope at this rate.

  • Liberal Phone Person

    WOW I used to think that Virgin mobile was a giant faceless company which sells internet and telephony access. But I can tell from their use of jargon popular among 15 year olds that they’re really in touch with my generation! Words like “Yolo”, “Selfie”, and an unhealthy obsession with Clubs, memberships, and VIP really shows that Virgin Mobile GETS ME, yaknow?

    I would love to spend money on their products and services now! 70 dollars for 250mb of data? sign me up!

  • joejoe

    damn girls how you doin

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    happy to be on the 47%

  • Devhux

    I’ve taken the odd selfie, but I prefer not being in photos.

  • Anell

    the superman one doesn’t look like a selfie, looks like someone taking a picture of someone trying to make themselves look like the man in blue.

  • Apocalypso

    I’ll tell you what Virgin Mobile’s survey reveals. That we as a society are producing an increasingly narcissistic generation of young people obsessed with their perceived self – importance. The “selfie” is merely an exercise in vanity in my opinion.

  • warrendotcom

    Who cares, fix your data speeds. Every day it seems to get slower and slower.