Grocery Gateway for iOS gets iPad support and high-resolution redesign

Grocery Gateway, the web-based grocery delivery service for the Greater Toronto Area, has released a beautiful iPad app for browsing a directory of over 8,500 items. The company, which was bought by the Longo’s chain nearly 10 years ago, has been wanting for a proper mobile solution, which first came to the iPhone and mobile web last year.

The iPad app takes the clean interface, intuitive navigation and high-resolution photos of the iPhone version and puts the larger real estate to better use. You see descriptions of products, nutritional information and, to the left, various items in the same category. Customers can also browse various behaviour-generated Featured Products sections, which cater choices to you based on purchase and browsing history. This will allow you to refill your cart with oft-used items without navigating through the entire chain.

Grocery Gateway users can also see sale items all in one place, as well as add and remove products from the cart with one tap.

The iPhone app has also seen a nice sprucing, with improvements to item photo quality, performance and many bug fixes. There are also Android and Windows Phone apps, but they’re not as full-featured as the iOS version.

Download Grocery Gateway for iOS, AndroidWindows Phone 8 and the Mobile Web.