Skype 3.0 for Android released with new tablet interface and better audio quality


  • Tom

    I hope it is less of a resource hog then the old Skype. I associate Skype with battery death, and eventually moved to Dell Voice which is much better in that regard. Also, Dell Voice has Canadian phone numbers.

    • StillNexus

      These days a $40 Data-plan and Dell Voice is all you need!

      Those ROBELUS $70+ plans (plus CID and VM) are a joke!

  • Sean

    I much prefer to use G+’s hangouts if I want to video call people as it lets me have multiple users in it for free where as with skype you need to pay for more users…

  • midnightwatcher

    I’d like to see a native version for the Playbook.

    • StillNexus

      Thanks! you made my day!
      Joke Du Jour!

      Have you seen any TV lately? ( I know me neither, is mostly Netflix)
      But if you wathch the olde Telly, you know where the shows are 42minutes but last one hour. Most commercials say:

      “Download the Android and iphone app” and that’s it!

      With the N7 at $230, the Playbook is simply too expensive at $150 or even $99!

  • XS

    Terrible update, crashes and has issues with camera + has orientation problem with tablets.

  • Thas

    You forgot the part where they actually let you login with your Microsoft account such as hotmail.

  • ile2010

    “Microsoft didn’t think that anyone uses an N7.”

    Yeah, it’s their fault that Google put the camera in a spot favouring portrait mode contrary to pretty much all other Android tablets.