TELUS promo plans bring unlimited nationwide calling to customers in Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada


  • Beso

    Fudge!!! that is actual rape to all canadians!!!

    • Classic

      People need DATA and they offer you unlimited VOICE!

      The Telus plans from 3 months ago were $55 and offered 1-3-GB of data!

      Wait three weeks, get a N4 and go with the operator that offers you the best PLAN. SHOP for PLANS, not for PHONES!!

      The age where you would “Have” to sign on a 3yr contract just to get a decent phone (that by coincidence was $600) is OVER. you don’t need the subsidy anymore, so there is no need to sign into a contract.

      Simply vote with your wallet. They can’t keep increasing their ARPU if we don’t sign up with them.

    • Dan

      Classic: How can you vote with your wallet when they are all the same (if you don’t live somewhere served by the new entrants)?

    • spanky

      unlocked gsm phone, goredpocket – nuff said

  • Eric

    Is this the price per phone? So if our family consists of 2 people, do we have to pay twice the amount listed in this article (and share the data)? If so, that is way more than what my wife and I pay right now when we combine both of our plans.

  • Shawn

    Let’s see how fast Rogers and Bell follow.

  • RL

    Still $20 too expensive.

    • caribouroader

      Then don’t buy in!

  • Thomas

    Those are garbage. $65-70 for 1gb data? Lots of people don’t care about minutes or fav10.

  • Cody

    If I didn’t want to lose my 6GB of data I’d probably take that $70 plan. That’s not a crazy price for unlimited nationwide calling.

    • Plan Shopper

      How is that not a crazy price????

      The best unlimited calling deal (for those out of the Wind/Mobilicity etc areas) is the Virgin unlimited plan:

      unlimited Canada wide calling
      unlimited Canada/US/International text/pic initiated in Canada
      1GB + $10/GB over

      Mind you, you can only put $200 on your Supertab but if you BYOD you might be able to get 10% off that $57.

  • MattyMattMatt

    Badly written Dan. You say Telus includes cid/vm, say others it is at least 12, then say at bell it is 7 or twelve for more vm stored… and then 20 for mobile tv combo when the ten hours are just five bucks…
    And Bell has this promo ending today, at least in the prairies.

  • Ron Mexico

    Bell/Rogers announcement at 4PM today or 9AM tomorrow, latest

  • John

    The $100 plan should be $65 max!

    • caribouroader

      Why, because you say so? Start your own company and give the service away for free!

  • John

    There’s a word for this…GARBAGE

  • mike

    Those plans are way over priced. specially since koodo had a 6gb data plan. Unlimited nights and weekends after 5pm. 250 daytime minutes. Unlimited text and picture messaging. Canada wide calling. Caller id and voicemail included. Unlimited incoming calls all for $60.

  • ile2010

    What a bargain!

  • Sweet

    Still a ripoff. By comparison, with Mobilicity I pay $30/month and get:

    – unlimited local voice
    – unlimited long-distance in Canada and the US
    – unlimited global text
    – 6GB/month data @ speed between 3G and HSPA+
    – 60 roaming minutes in the US

    The drawback, of course, is that it’s slower than what the big 3 offer and they don’t offer as much coverage as the big 3. But those drawbacks aren’t important for me or just about everybody I know.

    BTW, I read last year that the big 3 have a profit margin of 46% and that the global average is 33%. So yeah, the big 3 can cut their prices a hell of a lot more.

    • some guy

      In no way do I agree with the prices we pay in Canada, but you also have to remember that there have been some HUGE network build-ups in a very short period of time costing billions of dollars. Bellus built their HSPA networks and then 2 years later LTE went live. That is a massive outlay of cash and in order to keep investor interest they need to pump out fantastic quarterly results.
      The positives and negatives of large corporations: You get the network/support, but it costs the consumer to keep investors happy…

    • JCEE

      and with Mobilicity you can use your phone in a very limited part of Canada, and if you leave that limited area you pay dearly.

  • collin

    I pay 80 right now for 6 gigs and only 250 mins, with no ld

    We need these plans here in BC!

    • arrow22

      Wind Mobile is offering right now unlimited global text, unlimited voice (Canada and US), unlimited data (6Gb soft cap) with voice mail and caller ID for….. 40$, which is what I’ve been paying for the past 2 years (no overages! ever!)

      I don’t even get very good reception where I live now, and I still can’t justify going to another carrier. These guys are crazy!

  • andy c

    looks like i wont be ditching my retention plans anytime soon….

  • screamer

    Oh men need to sign… 100$ that is cheap. Everybody should sign only 100$ the year!!! Oh was it a month?

  • Is this Bb10?

    They have to keep data expensive because the HSPA data network is overloaded.

  • jack

    Are the minutes shared aswell?

  • Mike

    I locked in the 6GB promo plan back in June for $65/mth. That comes with 200 daytime, evenings and weekends starting at 6pm, My10, unlimited texting, and caller ID/voice mail. Now that’s a deal to rave about. This is way overpriced. If I want to call across Canada I’ll use Skype on my phone.

  • Max

    what a joke. I pay 80 dollars a month for 6gb data

  • Mike

    Oh I forgot to mention it’s with Telus, so I get the crazy LTE @ 30Mbps and better overall coverage vs Mobilicity, Wind, or Public Mobile. That’s a deal I don’t feel so ripped off paying.

  • Jerrik

    People, if you guys don’t like it, then don’t buy into it and shut up, it’s really annoying.

    • Plan Shopper

      Then don’t read their posts. 2 way street.

    • Jerrik

      fvck you.

  • patricm h m

    All garbage Rogers,bell,telus. Plans

  • John Wallace

    What about the Fido $57 unlimited plan? Includes 1 GB LTE data, unlimited text/picture/video messaging, unlimited anytime minutes, unlimited canada-wide long distance, caller id, (visual) voice mail. This plan beats everyone else, except for Virgin Mobile which has the same plan.

    • telusJIM

      this is because fido is offered in like 10 regions across canada

      it is Rogers’ discount brand.

      Not available in Atlantic Canada.

      Not worth mentioning…

  • David


  • Bowser

    No mention here of Fidos $57 unlimited nation wide Ld, unlimited minutes/ photo/video US International texting with 1Gb Data and value pack- visual vm, call display call waiting. Seems to me the best offer going on a monthly or 2yr term.

  • bleaker

    Wind fanboys make me laugh! They’ll be singing a different tune when the car dies in the middle of some road in the country and they get piss poor service or no signal at all! Enjoy!

  • FF

    The plans are SHARED people.. SHARED FAMILY PLANS geez. C’mon Mobile Syrup, you failed at mentioning that.

  • telusJIM

    I sell Telus on a daily basis.

    Gods honest truth, I have never seen customers get so excited for a plan in my region (Nova Scotia) than when they are shown these plans.

    We used to have a plan here called Talk Halifax that came out with Telus launched. $30 unlimited local calling, and it was WILDLY popular. Not since that plan, have we been able to offer an unlimited calling plan.

    Yesterday we worked it out and a client was able to save approximately $100 a month by switching to the $80 plan.

    While we are a ways away from unlimited data, for crying out loud people please look at what plans looked like 2 years ago and TRY and tell me we aren’t making serious progress in what is offered in Canada. The new entrants are forcing competition and these plans are proof in the pudding….

  • Robin

    I checked out the plan. It’s shared data between phones but the phones have to be signed up to the same type of Family Shared Plans. So 2 people can sign up to the $100 plan and share 12gs of data for $200 a month. It costs $15 a month to share data with a tablet or stick. You can add up to 5 devices to share with. I would have signed up if it wasn’t for the tablet fee. I can say that they do have incredible speeds. One test maxed out to 37.91mbps while moving on the highway.

  • Robin

    Correction. Make that 10gs of shared data.