Huawei W2 Windows Phone 8 device looks to challenge the high-end in 2013


  • Darth Paton

    when are windows phone 8’s coming to carriers other then the big 3? I mean cmon!!! Koodo, fido, virgin, mobilicity, wind, anyone of these would be okay!

    • ParkaPal

      The Lumia 920’s physically compatible with the non-big three, but Rogers got that exclusivity deal to sell it. If you can get the hardware and unlock it it’ll run fine on the other carriers.

  • Is This Bb10?


    I’m going to buy one for everyone in my family

  • Is This Bb10?

    When do we find out what colours it will come in?

  • Brandon

    Sorry. No

  • General Gustov

    They like to talk about windows8 phones , but where are they ??? do they want to sell them or just tease us about them pffffffffffffff

  • ile2010

    The W1 looks nicer.

  • 2c

    this will be a good device and RIP RIM!!!

  • John Marshall

    The design doesn’t have much character, but it sure looks appealing.

  • George

    Huawei is definitely not a high end brand LMAO LOL, they are the no name brand. Huawei can never compete against Samsung or HTC

    • stylinred

      i dont know the ascend p1 and d1 are great phones there’s just a unjustified stigma with the brand outside of china

      if you actually play with one they’re great phones, especially for the price

  • someguy

    Is it just me, or are those 4 corners of equal radii?