CIBC Mobile Payment App now available for BlackBerry


  • T

    I am NOT in. I don’t have a Rogers account, a NFC enabled sim nor a CIBC account.

    I also don’t use a blackberry.

    Cash is King buddy!

    • Hardened

      Just the comment
      Cash is King buddy! is relevant for anyone in todays economy.

  • TestMe

    If its only for Rogers clients, why would I want it???

  • cybik


    • BB9900

      I LOLveit!!

      IS this BB-LOL10??

  • BB9900

    Not me!
    -I don’t have a CIBC account
    -I’m not with Rogers
    -I don’t have a BB9900 ( What is this 2008?)
    -And most importantly: I’m not interested in adding my financial info on my phone.

    $4.50 for my coffee and Donought?? Then I will pay with my cash/debit/VISA/MasterCard/AMEX thank you

  • haxor

    I’m all over this… NOT

  • B.W.

    I wonder if there’s even one person that meets all the criteria required to use this app…

    • Classic

      C’mon is not that restrictive:

      You need a BB9900, with data plan preferably
      Need to be with Rogers
      Need to download the app; enter your info
      Need to be with CIBC
      Need to find a store that has the system, a clerck to operate it and the phone in your hand..oops you left it in the car?? just pay cash, or debit, or…

      This thing is EPIC!!
      I bet it will be a case study of how NOT to launch products that people DONT want and COMPLICATE things and offer Zero Value.
      I would Laugh but I know that the thing will FAIL and we will end up paying for the failure. Thanksfully I’m not with ROgers or CIBC, or have a BB9900 ( Who has BB9900 these days anyways, all the people I knew that had one, now have iphones)

  • 45

    I’ll definitely be interested once TD offers this on Android (with Fido, ahem..)

  • Jr

    Too much restrictions for this to work fully.

  • Chris

    This so fail. Only on bbs with NFC sims and you need to be on rogers with a CIBC credit card ಠ__ಠ

  • BreathLess

    They did mention that it will be coming to some NFC android devices next year.

    I kind of like the idea but currently it’s limited to too few customers.

  • techie01

    All you people bashing it are not smart enough to figure out that the big 3 bringing this in means that it will open the door for other NFC transactions. That is while Mobilesyrup keeps posting cause its Tech innovation for Canadian Market. I wonder how many of you complained about interac when it first came out

    • Classic

      You just said it!
      THERE IS DEBIT now. This way of payment regardless of financial institution and ecosystem offers ZERO ADDED VALUE to the costumer; however it offers LOTS OF VALUE to the sale and resale or data mining, customer habits, income etc by having all your information there.

      Expect tons of telemarketers calling you on your mobile after using that.

  • 2c

    just saying

    RIP RIM!!!!!

    • Catherine L

      2c, you aren’t up to date — have you seen the OS 7 version or a BB9900 yet? It is enough to convince anyone that RIM hasn’t given up the fight against iPhone5 or the droids. Slick, radically useful and fun. Carriers are offering terrific upgrade deals.
      The keyboard is out of this world, best yet, plus hi-res touch. Can’t wait to see what they’ll do with OS 10. I’m back on board with RIM.
      just sayin …let’s support Canadian innovation …

  • Brian G

    This was just to grab mindshare guys. It will expand to other carriers through Enstream and it started on BB because RIM is running the security for these mobile wallets. I just want to see more Interac Flash out there so you don’t have to punch in pins for small purchases or use credit.

    • Brian G

      P.S. The bank is offering $15 for signing up to wipe out the cost of buying the NFC SIM I suppose.

  • Dan

    Doesn’t the 9900 have NFC on its own? Why is an NFC SIM required? Why is the carrier involved at all?

  • ExcessDan

    with all the restrictions, this seems really useful

  • Frederick Edwards

    Limiting the test audience by having such restrictions makes sense for a launching product. I’ll test it out in early 2013 when they expand.

  • ale2999

    This is a small but huge steps in the direction of the future. 5 Years and this will be ubiquitous.

    Congrats to Rogers and Cibc to be on the leading edge of innovation

  • Catherine L

    this is FANTASTIC innovation !! Way to go Canada ! Please please let us know when it will be available for Bell Mobility – there are a lot of people out there on corporate plans, sitting here with BB9900’s, NFC SIM cards, CIBC accounts READY TO GO !!!! we get the error message “not available for this device” …. 🙁
    I cannot wait to dump the 3″ stack of stupid loyalty cards that I carry around to get discounts on groceries, clothes, vitamins, hotels, coffee, gas, eyeglasses … on and on. I have been waiting for NFC since Interac finally became the #1 payment method in Canada around 1999 … let’s go !!!!

    ps my kids are on Rogers — I will be delighted to get them onto NFC as soon as possible rather than cash – great for lunch, haircuts, transit and easier for parents to monitor spending. For some reason debit cards are not ‘cool’ with kids, but NFC will be a big hit I’m sure.

  • Tomas

    Why is it so restrictive. It seems very strange that CIBC would go through this effort for a device that is not even considered current. Why not launch on the worlds most popular phone the Samsung Galaxy S3 and make it available or other android devices, they all have NFC.

    Very strange indeed. Also disappointing.

    • WP7Lova!

      How is it not current? What is ‘more’ current for BB? BB10 doesn’t get announced until end of January.

      And think about it, any large corp. doesn’t roll these things out overnight, they probably had to decide on a device a year ago and nothing had the security and full approval as much as BB at the time. The announcement stated Android is coming soon, so wait for ‘coming soon’

  • random72

    Old Blackberries, Rogers & CIBC? Yeesh- ‘brand leveraging’, ‘cross platform’ backscratching & marketing synergizing…these corporations have no shame. None. Make it available to ALL banks, ALL devices and ALL carriers & then maybe you’ll have something worth celebrating. This announcement is marketing. Don’t get sucked in by the hype.

  • Hardened


    This same negativity was done with Visa/MasterCard with networking (token ring) and terminals to allow credit card swipping just 20yrs ago. Right now NFC is not as secure and many would have you believe, the reason why the carrier is involved – because you cannot “ping/tracert/etc” 1 mobile device to another on a carrier network anywhere in the world. Security has its moments and this gaurantees CIBC/Visa/MasterCard that the rightful end user DID make the transaction.

    Data Mining is ALREADY being done with AirMiles and at an incredible rate that Google took notice last year.

  • VTR1000SP2

    Card transactions in Canada are subject to a higher level of security as compared to our friends in the US which is why I think the carrier is involved with an NFC specific SIM. As mentioned by Hardened, it would guarantee the rightful end user is making the transaction.

    Why Rogers? Most innovative carrier in Canada.
    Why CIBC? Leading in mobile apps so I say why not CIBC.
    Why BlackBerry? It’s secure.

    I’m one of the few that meet this criteria and why I find this useful is during the day, I leave my cards and cash locked away at my office desk but I always have my BlackBerry with me. I imagine I’ll find myself near the cafeteria or Tim Hortons without my cards or cash on hand, it’s happened before but this time I’ve got another option.