TELUS to release 3 new unlimited talk and text promo plans November 8th, base price is $70/month with 1GB shareable data


  • disco

    or… I pay $40 at wind and get what you’re offering plus more.

    • me2

      ya but you’re on wind.

    • Gary

      Wind… Shudder!

    • Marorun

      And you get shity reception compared to the big 3 lol

    • Casey

      Which is great… if you never leave WIND zones.

    • Me Ted

      @me2 Not as bad as being on your mom.

    • Me Ted

      @Casey 99% of us don’t.

    • Bruce

      Well when I go to my cottage I need to have reception, So i can call all my friends back home. I am with Rogers and It cost me Long Distance chargers, but I get great reception. Wind Customers Have to Pay 25Cents a minute when they go to the cottage becasue its WIND AWAY ZONE. There reception must suck considering that they piggy back off the old Rogers EDGE network.

    • some guy

      except the crtc explicitly stated they have nothing to do with the rates of the service and will not pursue any such complaints in your behalf. The only thing you can do as a consumer is not purchase the service. file complaints with the company. petition your government officials.

    • $73ARPU

      Time to:
      -Vote with our wallets and walk away from ROBELUS

      -Let At&T; Tmobile, Verizon etc into Canada; then and only then, we will see the end of 3 yr plans and this joke-plans!

      -This plans make me try WIND with my new N4 more and more by the minute!

      -People need MORE DATA, LESS VOICE, and all this “new” Robelus plans offer you the opposite!

      -All we need in Dec2012 is a $40 plan 6GB DATA -Only!

    • Andrew

      Most people don’t realize that Wind would be a better value for them. Too bad for them I guess!

    • disco

      to bad my phone is with virgin!

    • John

      These new plans are awful.

  • Jacquio

    Local Talk & Text – 1GB Share – 1 Arm
    Local Talk & Text – 3GB Share – 1 Leg
    Nationwide Talk & Text – 5GB Share – 1 First Born Child

    • Ricky

      and its cumulative. $100 is gonna take you an arm, a leg, and a new born

    • anonymous

      CRTC OPEN YOUR EYES!!! Rogers, Bell and Telus call this COMPETITION. What a joke!

  • Peter


  • MikeMike


  • deltatux

    So it’s basically $5 for the same features, but includes caller ID, VM, Call Waiting & Conference Calling. Not that much better. It would have been better if they included those for the same price that Rogers and Bell are offering.

  • EvanKr

    No better than Robbers. I thought that you’d bring change to the wireless industry, Telus, with reasonable rates and 2 year contracts. Apparently I was wrong.

  • John

    Guys how should be protest against this? these rates are ridiculous or robellus 🙂 with 3 months bill money, I could get a Nexus 4.


    REALLY TELUS you guys just came out with a worse price point then Rogers and Bell. Great plans guys just to bad you are about $15.00 to $20 to much. Question big 3 why wouldn’t be just go with your flanker brands because its unlimited canada wide and cheaper with the better options and the exact same network. Or Heaven forbid if we live in a city where the new entrants are just use them. Wake the F&%# up and stop ripping us off Robellus

  • David

    If anyone has watched an episode of Star Trek The Next Generation called “Yesterday’s enterprise”, Captain Picard yelled “Not good enough dammit not good enough!”.

  • Eric V.

    Telus used to be the market leader of the Big Three. Not anymore.

    Sorry guys. Free voicemail doesn’t compensate for less data, and a higher price.

    You’re heading down the toilet.

    Just sayin.

    • Eric V.

      My apologies. Same amount of data. Hey Mobilesyrup, there’s a typo in your article. The third plan says 5 gb in the header, and 3 gb in the description.

  • aregularonhofo

    I love the way Wind Mobile is making the incumbents panic…if you’re with Mobilicity or Public Mobile make the switch today and make your vote count.

    • David

      But they don’t seem panic at all or else they wouldn’t be throwing out these garbage plans.

    • Fifth Place

      They’re already in fifth place. If they get over SaskTel’s 600 000 subscribers, WIND will be in fourth place.


    Fail. First time poster, long time reader. Thanks to everyone for the feedback. I pay $85 right now and have 6GB on a loyalty plan incl. VM and CID on an iPhone 4. I live in the burbs of Vancouver, if Wind had more solid coverage, I’d drop Telus even though I am happy with them. But these plans are not serious considering Wind’s offering. Wind, throw up more towers in Vancouver areas!!!

    • Marorun

      Exactly my point smaller company do offer better deal but its like going to a buffet with unlimited dinner craft lol
      You do pay a lots more for the big 3 but you get reception almost everywhere.

      So its depend on your need and if you need fast internet (internet on wind mobile and such is very slow…)


    Fail. First time poster, long time reader. Thanks to everyone for the feedback. I pay $85 right now and have 6GB on a loyalty plan incl. VM and CID on an iPhone 4. I live in the burbs of Vancouver, if Wind had more solid coverage, I’d drop Telus even though I am happy with them. But these plans are not serious considering Wind’s offering. Wind, throw up more towers in Vancouver areas!!! Oh, and I’d get a Galaxy 3s as well. Iphone domination has serious cracks.

  • mike

    Best one yet! It seems to include what would be considered a value pack, therefore you wouldn’t have to worry about adding things like you would to Bell and Rogers’ plans.

  • Mike

    Do people still use a phone to call people, what good is unliminated talk time for $70/month, how about 60 mins talk time and $35/month cheaper.

  • mike

    Oh and my current plan with Fido is MUCH better I pay $70 for unlimited canada/us calling a6GB of data with $10/GB of overage and visual voicemail and caller ID… I love Fido. =p

  • Joey_G_1975

    Can this get any worse? First the super 6GB, then every offer after that is ridiculous – can it really get any worse?

  • haxor99

    What does “Shareable” even mean?

    • Eric V.

      It means if you have a tablet or other mobile device, you can share the data pool between two devices.

    • kris


  • Justin

    REALLY??? That looks exactly SAME as Robell.. That’s crappy plan! Did they share their plan and price under the table?? That’s Shame!!

    Thanks Gosh we have Wind and Mobilicity!!

  • John


    • Alex

      I guess everyone is waiting for a day to have all this services for free. Sorry guys, it won’t happen! I am currently with TELUS and their coverage and level of customer service is far the best between the 3. If anyone is unhappy, I suggest you all switch it WIND and get a F…ed up service and ridiculous coverage. You always get what you pay. Wake up!

  • no1

    FIDO KOODO VIRGIN with a N4 is the only way to go if your our of the Wind Zone. Or N4 with Wind. F U ROBELLUS … f u…

  • Ron Mexico

    Lol, how predictable. Canada telecom is a pathetic joke. Time for government regulation.

  • xyz

    This is competition in a Canadian way – 3 different companies – 3 exactly same plans in one day 🙂

  • Dana

    These days are an absolute nightmare for me. I unfortunately have to move to one of the RoBellUs cartel and these are the choices I’m given.
    I should have stuck with the $60/6GB plan I had with Roger 5 years ago….

    • Bumbles

      just go to fido. best of both worlds. great coverage (since it’s the rogers network) and great pricing ($57 for unlimited everything + 1gb data with $10 per gb overage + all the bells and whistles VM,CID,ETC)

  • Jason

    Nothing but a price increase!

  • hmmmm

    Not good but with phones at 749$, I guess they have no choice even if it’s still like stealing from us on a 3 yrs contract. All 749$ phones should be free at that price though…

  • Logical

    These guys are scam artists for real. They jack up the price for normal plans and will release a promo plan in the near future just to make it look like customers are getting a deal. STUPID! CANADA IS SCREWED hard!

  • Jerry

    This is the best out of the big 3 in my opinion. The time you tack on the $16.79 value pack at Rogers to the $95 unlimited. You are still 11.79 more at Rogers then Telus for same thing.
    Now only if they would all drop $20 in price for each package. Interested to see what Virgin comes out with. WIND’s deal looks great but I have heard people complain about dropped calls and coverage areas.

  • Shswn

    Isn’t there a way to complain to the CRTC or Industry Canada about this? Will they actually do anything about it?

    • David

      Most probably not…

  • Roger

    Why is Telus in MB offering so much better prices than this? I’m on a 5gb unlimted text and local calls for $50 a month. They ended that a few months back but still offer a similar plan $60 which includes call id (which I don’t have). Still way cheaper than this stuff.

    I assume it cause we don’t have LTE and coverage outside of Winnipeg sucks?

    • Rethgaal

      Manitoba has provincial legislation that’s regulated the cell market, most provinces don’t.

      Ontario was supposed to be getting some, but I think it got lost in the election shuffle a while back. :\

    • J

      The answer as a former employee of the Big 3 is this. It’s considered a small market. Small markets force the companies to offer more to get fewer customer’s. It is more competitive than say in Toronto. Older plans had maybe 150 daytime minutes, but in Manitoba and the Atlantic provinces, it was 300 for the same plan.
      It’s a dumb concept, most customer’s never saw it simply because if you were to ever look online, you had to choose your province and thus never saw the other ones. Hope that answers you question

  • Graham

    Am I dreaming, or is this just making our wireless even MORE expensive? weren’t Wind and the other small entrants supposed to encourage the big 3 to LOWER their prices?

    I feel over a barrel, because I’m in semi-rural Ontario with no Wind coverage. They can’t put up towers here FAST enough, if you ask me. I would switch at the drop of a hat.

    • skullan

      Other than social pressures or a business need, you really don’t need a cell phone.

      The ease and always in-touch of having one is undeniable, if you are willing to forgo having one, life can be somewhat less expensive.

      At the end of my Telus contract, if there isn’t a service out there that covers my needs for $50 or less, I’m saying bye to Canadian Cellular until that Mystical Price Fairy that seems to link all 3 major telecoms together in terms of plans (and pricing), is gone.

  • squirrel_masher

    Remeber some areas Bell has monopoly in coverage, others Rogers, others Telus. So they want to maximize the gouging while trying to look as good as the next guy.

    Shame Telus didn’t use the VM/CLID as a free added value and price match to compete with Bell’s 10 hrs of mobile TV. Rogers can claim first, but not sure Rogers Onenumber is even worth anything.

  • Jon

    I love these me too plans from big 3.

  • skullan

    In other news, mobile penetration in Canada starts to decline.

  • Miss K.

    People just keep complaining, too expensive, not this, not that. Cellphones are not made to be affordable, you won’t die if you don’t have one and if you can’t afford it get a patgo phone. Anyways, those are regular plans they’re made to be more expensive than loyalty plans. Nobody is willing to pay you to be a customer. Telus prices seem to be reasonable to me for regular plans.

    • carlisso

      Absolutely correct Miss K. Owning a cell phone is not an entrenched right any more than owning a car is. People survived and thrived before the existance of the cell phone; they actually spoke to each other face to face and went to a theatre to watch a movie!

  • Ed

    Even though Fido is part of Rogers. They have a good deal going on for $56!

  • David

    Why does everyone seem so shocked that Telus has essentially copied their competitors? Did anyone realistically expect them to do anything drastically different?

  • Mystic09

    WOW! I’m.. These plans leave me speechless.

  • Eric V.

    Another thought…

    The Big Three need to update their definition of what reasonable data is. I mean really. 5 gigs was a lot… four years ago. With the connection speeds they have now, and the data hungry devices like iPhones, five gigs is diddly. And they want you to SHARE that with multiple devices? Of course they do. So you drain your bucket faster and hit the overage zone.

    Folks… just say no.

    • David

      The Big 3 are VERY aware that nobody talks on their phone now and consumers want to leverage the capabilities of their LTE devices. That’s why they’ve finally thrown in unlimited calling and fairly small buckets of data. They know that very few people will actually take advantage of unlimited calling so they’ll just throw it in there for free, while making you pay through the roof for data.

  • ravi

    The plans are getting more and more expensive…

  • Mark

    This is why im goin on prepaid plan with my smartphone for the moment

  • screamer

    Should be only 35$ and unlimited data or? I’d like to have wind but only in the big city’s

  • Mike

    WTF….. >:O

  • Treatz

    FFS Telus

  • marion

    At $100+tax for 12 months I could save up for a decent vacation…or I could be robbed by Telus…

  • shawn

    I pay 62$ taxes in and get “more” than this. Not unlimited but more than enough. 200min, 6pm, CID, VM, 2500 Txts, 1000 nationwide long-distance minutes & 6GB Data.

    Fight for a plan and never give it up!


  • Joe

    Yes because that nation wide coverage is so cheap. While yes these are more expensive guess what, wind and moblicity plans have also gone up, but no one complains then.

  • Robert

    If we took all this internet protest and did actual protests like in my parents’ day, maybe they’d care. But they’re just humming away in their office as we type furiously and sarcastically! Oh wait…I think people did protest corporate greed, and it was part of the Occupy movement which many laughed at as new age and hipster.

  • wewewi


  • Blaise Petric

    What a coincidence, all 3 big carriers announced similar new cell plans all on the same day. And all of them include 3-year contracts.

  • All I do is Wind!

    are we april 1st? is this an april fools joke that Robelus is playing on us?

  • Ivanhoe

    I pay 75 now with telus and get 6 gigs, unlimited text and 10 favourites plus the usual caller ID etc.. Sure I don’t have unlimited local calling but if you don’t make a lot of calls to different numbers during the day on your cell phone, the plan they are advertising is not that great. I signed up for my plan about a month and a half ago. It was a promo at the time.

  • Snafu

    Lol I’m laughing cause my telus contract is up soon and I sure as hell won’t be signing anything else with them – I’m on my way to wind, the only way to affect change with the big 3 is vote with your wallet and at 40 bucks a month through wind I am more than happy to do just that.

  • torluda

    As a consumer, the September to January time frame is the worst possible time to get new cell phone plan.

    If you are rural and you do a lot of travelling outside your “local” calling area, you should check out the current deals on Fido/Koodo/Virgin. $60 will get you unlimited “Canada wide” calling, 1GB data, unlimited texting(including picture and video) and free VM/CD. The data isn’t huge, but it eliminates long distance charges.

  • kris

    LOLOLOL holy crap CRTC is a joke and im disappointed at telus they were stepping up their game now they are just stepping back in line. lucky i got in on their 65$ 6gb plan

  • big boy

    Didnt rogers just come up this plan? Wow what a fu****g coincidence

  • Gene

    You guys really, I mean REALLY need to try WIND and Mobi before you knock them. Don’t drink the Kool aid.

    You Robelus guys are stuck in contracts and are speaking out of the side of your mouth.

    I own a GS3 I get 8.5 average down on WIND and have never, repeat, never, dropped a call in 11 months.

    Enjoy your iPhones/gouging/ general sheep like existance

    • Snafu

      Where do ya live Gene? I’m in St. Catharines and I’ve heard wind is good here.

  • craig

    I still have a much better plan from Fido:

    $80 per month
    Unlimited in and out to Canada and USA( anywhere in canada)
    Unlimited text in and out canda and UAS( anywhere in canada)
    6 GB Data Lte

  • Porilaisten




  • jimbob

    Wow..i feel so lucky to live in Manitoba. For $60 a month, Telus will give me 5gb of data plus unlimited calling (local and nationwide), Unlimited text, picture, video messaging, call display, voicemail 3, call waiting and conference calling.

  • OGOD

    If u r alway in the Mobilicity zone, 50%off for 12months now. $25.20 after tax, u get unlimited everything plus 30min roaming for free. Save $53.20/month for the first yr…LOL

    compare with $70 telus new plan, I save $58.80
    12months $940.80 vs $235.20 = $705.60 there another smartphone.

  • Xchange

    Actually Rogers know how to penetrate my wallet and even more … each months… without lub…

  • gwydionjhr

    I see lots of complaints about the copy cat pricing and the length of Canadian contracts.

    Wake up people! We are the problem! We enable this behaviour from the carriers by signing up for these 3 year contracts like sheep.

    If you’re tired of their shenanigans, BUY YOUR PHONE OUTRIGHT! Right now you get 10% off your monthly bill with Bell if you own your phone. And if you don’t want to sign up with Bell, use your no contract status to beat your carrier around the head to price match offers from the other carriers.

    Anything less and the only person you have to blame is yourself.

  • General Gustov

    All you sheeple of the big 3 are just that, sheeple. to be paying exorbitant amounts of money for these way over priced plans , just more corporate greed and you fall for it

  • Montrealer

    100$…wow, with a 3y agreement, you’ll end up paying 3600 and that’s without taxe and any overage of data. At least, decrease the agreement to 2y you ****** robbers!

  • Zeake

    $113 x 12 = 1356
    x 3yrs = $4068

    Might as well jump off a bridge then shoot myself in the face before i hit the ground!

  • Jebus

    I work for Telus and we are getting TONS of calls for these plans already. I agree it is a little pricey but there is a huge demand for these rate plans a day before they come out….

  • Eric Schlosser

    I’m glad I picked up the 6GB for $30 promo. These new prices are redic!

  • anona

    Competition in Canada means competing against one another for subscribers whilst providing similar options to the end user. There really hasn’t been any competition in the pricing of such options, for as long as one out of the big 3 makes more profit, the other 2 will capitalize on that notion and follow suit to gain similar financial traction.

  • Joseph Z

    I wonder why these 3 jokers bother and have 3 different websites, branding and 3 idential promos!?

    Just change your name to 3Jackasses and combine all your network and offer 1 set of promo. You know how much you guys will save in operation costs?! plus your ARPU will jump by 100% !! 🙂

    Guys, I’m telling you again WIND is doing really great and reception is much superior these days, get the sim card and test it and dont fall for this crap! My 2cents

  • Steve

    When they say shared data does that just mean tethering or are these considered family plans?

    If not, are there any good family plans out there still? :\

  • Dan

    These carriers are out of their goddamned minds. These plans should start at $15 and Max out at $30. And don’t screw us over data. Forget LTE upgrades and start your data plans at 30gb. It’s 2012 and our smartphones and tablets do a lot more than make phone calls.

  • skullan

    We’re all looking at this the wrong way.

    The big three care about our health, that is why we’re touching our toes so often.

  • Ron-C

    So much for Telus changing and being better than the other big 2. I take it back. It’s ridiculous if they think people will buy into their plans.

  • sam

    I dont get it!!! :-S

    isn’t this the same plan that virgin, fido, and koodo just offered 2 weeks ago for $60? why dont you just get that considering they are subsidiary’s of the big 3 anyways!!!

  • demon

    CRTC must make it illegal for any plans cost over $50. Period.

  • mithos

    F*cling disgusting. Ill have my nexus 4 in 7 days outright. Once my contract with Telus ends in 4 months, I’m gone to wind. I hardly leave the confines of Calgary and the GTA anyways.

  • aregularonhofo

    If you think the CRTC/Government will make any changes don’t hold your breath, switching to Wind Mobile is the only solution you have to bring prices down and wasting your money/vote on Mobilicity or Public Mobile is a joke…don’t listen to the trolls join Wind Mobile and stop the greedy incumbents.

  • justin


  • chris k

    I’m with telus and i get
    6 gb data
    300 daytime min
    unlimited text in and out
    unlimited after 5pm
    caller id
    voicemail 3

    all for 61.60 after tax.

  • gomez99

    this is scary because just in august telus was offering 6gb my 10 unlimited evenings and weekends unlimited texts pic messages and caller id and voicemail for 65 a month.

  • Calvin

    LOL. The big 3 are really pushing the envelope on pricing.

  • mike

    Wow. There are over a hundred whiners in this thread. Impressive.

  • Zoomus

    These plans are a joke, there is only one way to hurt these big jokers, got to Wind or Public, forget Koodo Virgin Fido, the big 3 own them, sure some people need them away from the big cities so they don’t pay roaming charges but be honest with yourself how many of you and how many times do you really go away from Wind and Public zone ? move to the smaller guys drop the big guys or nothing will ever change.

  • Jebus

    To be honest, I work for Telus and I am getting TONS of calls from clients wanting to switch to these plans… Never had a reaction like this before! I agree with most of you saying these plans are pricey… but most people seem to welcome these plans

  • Vedicbaru

    Mark my words sooner or later wind will become the big 4 then what!!!!!lol

  • AWSguy

    Man I pay $75 for 200mins+ CDN LD + 6GB + unlimited messaging + My 10. Thats $70 unlimited thing gives me NOTHING MORE (remember, with the my10 and E/W, the minutes are close to unlimited anyways).

    This is just paying more for a LOT LOT LOT less.

  • Jerome

    Who the hell would pay $70, $80, $100 a month for their frickin phone bill? Apparently Telus is serving their moron customer base, which is obviously a big chunk of it. Canada telecom is a fn joke.

  • jenny


    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo-BODAY!! LOL

    thanks.. everyones on their data or texting… I already get unlimited texting so thats a fail.. I have 250 minutes and dont evne use them all.. another fail.. and i DEFINITELY need more than “1 gig” of data… what a JOKE!!!!!!

    I used to have an unlimited data plan with Telus and they TOOK IT AWAY FROM ME!! Because they changed to GSM and i had a blackberry curve that broke… it was a CDMA phone and they told me the only way i could keep my plan was to get another phone that was CDMA which prettymuch left me with zero options!!….are they even allowed to do that, if Im signed into a contract?? bastards.

  • Koolbreeze

    Just complain and threaten to leave. Get their retention or corporate plan. I have work/corporate plan with Telus.

    $50 plus tax
    250min, evenings and weekends start at 6pm, CID, VM, unlimited text, billed by the second, 6gig, $0.10/min LD

    Good for most ppl, no?

  • chillwinston

    Ok maybe it’s been said before but I’m too lazy to go through all the comments complaining about dumb things or posting my plan is better blah blah blah…

    But the reason they are all changing their plans this week that its the start of q4 this fiscal year…

    so in say.. 2 weeks your going to see all the big three come out with crazy holiday promos to close out the year and make up their numbers, kinda like the free* rogers tablet.

    Oh one more thing if your to lazy to get on a family plan with a few friends so you can bring everyones cost down they you have no right to complain.

  • Brandon

    Or you all could stop complaining about cell bills, Put your phones away for a minute and go over to your friends house and talk face to face.

    Having a cell phone is NOT a right. Its a luxury. Your on the damn things for hours a day and it costs you $100 a month tops. Something you’re all so dependent on yet you all b***h about it more than anything else. Gas was $1.50 this summer. Drinks at the bar are $8. Pop at the movie theater is $6. EVERYONE GOUGES EVERYONE. So stop complaining and drop your cell phone. Give your heads a shake

    • mike

      I couldn’t agree more! People need to stop whining.

  • Gugugosha

    Telus is funny.. LMAO

  • Simon

    I don’t personally agree with the rates but for those of you saying the rates are getting higher that is incorrect, this is technically cheaper than what they were before.

    If you look the Promo Flex $65 plan from Telus right now, it is 200 local anytime minutes, and using up to 6GB data costs, w/ other features is $105. Now it is 5GB and nationwide unlimited minutes, w/other features for $100.

    True there are 10 unlimited contacts but its just easier to manage calling to anyone versus 10 contacts. It does seem the new entrants are causing a ripple though obviously not as much of a splash as we all would prefer.

  • Jerrik

    if the big 3 were to drop their prices down to as low as WIND’S or Mobilicity’s prices, wthey wouldn’t have been able to launch their LTE networks. I’m sorry but I rather have LTE because it’s in my area. Once you have LTE you don’t want to go back to HSPA, maybe that’s just me though.

    • crsmejia

      LTE is overrated.

  • Adam

    Last night one to climb on board most expensive one as well

  • crsmejia

    I think that the Fido plan is better, I’m actually waiting for my unlock devlivery for my SG2X to move to Fido. No contract needed and $57/month that’s awesome. Right now I’m playing $65 for 400min, unlimited text, unlimited evenings/weekends, and 500MB of data, CID, CW, CFWD. Pretty expensive…

  • some guy

    and there it is… I was hoping that Telus would take the high road and stick it to Bell and Rogers… but I am proven wrong yet again… pardon my French but, f**k this nonsense.

  • DoctorCell

    they don’t care because dumb canadians customers will buy this anyway. people seems to love 3 years contracts and get ripped off

  • These are great plans

    These are great plans, if you guys. Want a cheap phone, get magic jack for $10/m, you will more time to post as well.

  • Is this Bb10?

    I’m forced to be on Rogers because Windilicity refuses to build a tower in the Port Union area of Scarborough. As soon as my contracts ends I’m getting a Nexus 4 on a prepaid plan. More choice and no commitment. Prepaid is the way of the future.

  • Rob Coghlan

    For those of you who never travel outside a 4 block radious enjoy wind or make sure you keep your “wallet” full and paying almost full price on a “tab” that will keep you locked in for 3-4 years

  • Amandeep

    This plan is a rip off. Consumers should just stop going to Telus, Bell, Rogers. Why don’t people realize that why not go to a provider which is offering way better packages for only $25 (at Wind Mobile) and at (Mobilicity) the price is $12.50 only. If people stop buying the big 3 products and go with either wind mobile or mobilicity, only then will we see price plan changes for the big 3.

    • Bob

      Mr. amandeep, when you buy your iPhone for over $800, don’t you think that’s a bigger rip off ?!!! Each iPhone costs Apple less than $50, now you are judging providers that are giving you the service and you feel like their margin is more than Apple… Your comment is soooo interesting… It’s better to do a research then coming up with a comment.

  • Alex

    I guess everyone is waiting for a day to have all this services for free. Sorry guys, it won’t happen! I am currently with TELUS and their coverage and level of customer service is far the best between the 3. If anyone is unhappy, I suggest you all switch it WIND and get a F…ed up service and ridiculous coverage. You always get what you pay. Wake up!

  • Alex

    I guess everyone is waiting for a day to have all this services for free. Sorry guys, it won’t happen! I am currently with TELUS and their coverage and level of customer service is far the best between the 3. If anyone is unhappy, I suggest you all switch to WIND and get a F…ed up service and ridiculous coverage. I have been there and know what its like.You always get what you pay for.

  • rick

    Don’t blame the big 3 for the price increases and bad plans. Its the consumers fault. If people keep buying into these overpriced plan, prices will keep going up.

    Go with Wind if you can.

  • Alex

    It is really funny when Apple easily sells its iphones to you for $800+ when its own cost is not even $50 a pop, you people don’t call it “Rip off” but when a provider charges you for the service we all use, it will be a Rip off in your opinion. Really Shame on us!!!!

  • Bob

    It’s really interesting when Apple sells its iPhones to us for $800+ when it’s own cost is not even $50, you people don’t call this “Rip off” but when a service provider charges you for the service you use then it is called Rip off. Really shame on us!!!

  • D

    i don’t know why there aren’t more people with koodo and virgin? As long as people are willing to spend this much that is what they’ll charge. I’ll take my 6gigs on koodo for $60 any day.

  • Ken

    I know that Koodo is ultimately Telus, but why would anyone stick with Robellus at these kinds of rates, when at Koodo, for $60 a month, you get unlimited calling, and it is NATIONWIDE, unlimeted text, picture, and video messaging, 1GB of data, and CID, VM, Conf calling, etc.

    Nothing the big three have put out here comes close to offering that much for that price.

  • amc

    price fixing is a criminal offence under section 45 of the Competition Act in Canada.

    When 3 huge companies in one day release identical prices it is obvious some behind the scene negotiation been done. It is not possible to do this otherwise, you can’t develop price plan, distibute marketing materials, do the traning, etc., etc,… All that been planed.

    It is price fixing crime.

  • Kevin

    I wish everyone would stop whining about pricing and comparing Canada’s price to other contries and ask why we cant have cheap prices like them! Basic economics people. having the largest land mass with such a small population is why the prices are high.

    Let’s say it takes the same amount of money to build a network to cover all Canada as it does to build a network in USA. Let say its $1 Billion. IF every person in Canada was on that one network to break even each person would be charged $28.99 (1,000,000,000/347,428,799 2011 Can Population) That same charge per person in the US is 3.12 (1,000,000,000/311,000,000 2011 population)

    Thats is why it is expensive and lets face it more competition will not lower the price of a network and the prices that Wind is offering is not making them any money so how t\long can the sustain their network – which why service is so crappy.

  • Brandon

    Look im sure there are some of you that are smart. What is the difference between wind and telus?

    Telus comes out with the latest devices.
    Wind doesn’t.

    Telus has coverage everywhere in canada pretty much.
    Wind Doesnt.

    Telus has t.v, internet, home phone, cell phones to bundle all your services up.
    Wind Doesnt.

    Telus will hook you up when youve shown some loyalty to them.
    Wind will not even come close. Phone is $200. You pay $200 no questions no negotiations.

    Wind is Cheap. Telus isn’t. Lets use our brains and figure out why.

    You people are forgetting that you pay more for better service. With what you people are saying it sounds like you think a BMW should cost the same as a KIA. Even though it cost a butt load more to produce. Again give your heads a shake

  • chalmers

    I think the “unlimited” is referring to the price of the plans, not the stuff you get.

  • chalmers

    I think the “unlimited” refers to the price of the plan, not to what you get.

  • qwerty

    why pay $70 with telus when you can get the same thing with virgin but with nation wide calling for $60?

  • silo

    this is stupid, these plans are horrible! they’re not offering the consumer anything worthwhile, they’re just charging more.

    People shouldn’t pay these rates!

  • Jamie Anne

    I think paying $100 for a plan that includes 5GB of data is highway robbery. I am so thankful to have signed up during the summer when the top 3 were offering 6GB of data with their plans. $65/mth gets me unlimited txt, national 10 favs, caller ID, evenings and weekends starting at 6pm, 150 daytime mins, and 6GB of data. It works PERFECTLY for me as I don’t talk much on my phone, and I use well more than 2GB of data per month, on average. The $35 plus a GB more of data feels nicer in my pocket, than this so called unlimited plan offering of 5gb of data for $100 when compared to my $65.