Bell releasing the Samsung Galaxy Rugby LTE on November 1st, a rugged PTT device running Android ICS


  • Ermahgerd Rugberrr

    Nice, Telus well be getting this as well according to Samsung rep. I got a chance to play around with it a little bit and it looks like a really good buy for those in need of something durable and dust/water proof!

  • Sean

    Agreed looks to be a really good device for those who need something rugged.

  • Richard

    I run a construction business and this only interests me a bit. A defender or even a commuter case is good enough. Ptt seems interesting but don’t know if I would use it that much, might be worth a try but no manager would want this phone.

  • Dhan

    Wish I knew this before I bought out an iPhone 5.. With the accidental warranty.. I love android!

  • Azzo

    I wonder if that guy is going to do a slapshot test and ring it off the iron again.

  • Brad F

    It’s a shame it requires a data plan and isn’t just considered a regular phone.

  • Steven

    Richard: I agree with you mostly, except that the Otter Box cases are not dust and water proof. I wish they were; then we would have no need for rugged phones. And let’s face it – waterproof phones aren’t just a plus for people working construction. What about the rest of us who take transit? I live in western Canada, and 90% of the time, it’s raining at the bus stop. 😛 I’d love to be able to pull out my phone and check bus times without having to worry about the weather.

  • lirodon

    Looks like the Galaxy Rugby Pro that’s coming to AT&T. I hope SaskTel picks it up, given they got the original one and are launching LTE soon.

  • COB

    Hm, solid specs for a rugged phone, I may look into it when it comes out.

  • Adam

    I hope they pick it up.

    I work in phone sales, and the low-end Galaxy lineup is very very lackluster. No, I’m not talking about it lacking the powerful dual cores and 2GB ram of the SIII, just general usability is terrible. Galaxy Q can never get over 3 bars of signal Anywhere. Rugby has display issues, Glide lags like there’s no tomorrow.

  • MattyMattMatt

    One thing that stands out to me is the size of the battery.

  • Richard

    We want an S3 Rugby, Note 2 Rugby. Not a lowered spec version. Same spec but bigger battery, tougher and waterproof but not a lower spec version. Look at pick up trucks. They used to be bare bones but now they’re as luxurious as any vehicle in the brand they represent. GMC 3/4 ton denali w/duramax diesel. People who work rugged jobs probably in a lot of cases ( I know in my case) make more money than pencil pushers in suits and demand rugged luxury.

  • Is this Bb10?

    Tiny battery. Fail.

  • Adam

    My family all uses the app Heytell, which works fine for a PTT app