TELUS to launch the Samsung Galaxy Rugby LTE at the “end of October”




  • exTemp

    who cares

  • Dylan K

    Will this be an up to date Rugby device? For a $500 no term price tag I expect Jelly Bean on it eventually, and coming preloaded with ICS. The last one was build on hardware and software far too old.

  • Adam

    “Looks like TELLUS might actually beat Bell to the punch ”

    What company is ‘TELLUS’?

    • EvanKr

      TELL US more about this new company.

  • Richard

    We want an S3 Rugby, Note 2 Rugby. Not a lowered spec version. Same spec but bigger battery, tougher and waterproof but not a lower spec version. Look at pick up trucks. They used to be bare bones but now they’re as luxurious as any vehicle in the brand they represent. GMC 3/4 ton denali w/duramax diesel. People who work rugged jobs probably in a lot of cases ( I know in my case) make more money than pencil pushers in suits and demand rugged luxury.

  • James

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