Open webOS gets ported to Nexus 7 tablet, makes us hopeful for its future

Daniel Bader

January 2, 2013 12:33pm

The Nexus 7 is one of the best tablets currently available, and was surely one of the most exciting developments in the Android world in 2012. But its versatility doesn’t stop at Google’s doorstep, as evidenced by this new Open webOS project currently being ported to the venerable 7-inch tablet. What started out as a slightly awkward Galaxy Nexus port has turned into a fully-fledged opportunity; the team now has the Nexus 7 running Open webOS with WiFi and hardware acceleration enabled, though there is significant slowdown to be found. The 1280×800 pixel screen has also been cut off to make room for a virtual gesture area as the Nexus 7 lacks the ability to detect bezel gestures as on the discontinued TouchPad.

The port is currently in early Alpha and has a long way to go — you still need to boot the thing from a PC, for example — but it’s great to see the touch-friendly OS making its way to modern devices. Perhaps the next stage is the Nexus 10.

The Open webOS project is still being finalized, as HP has only released an early 1.0 version to developers. The company promises to continue making improvements to the now open-source code base, though I wouldn’t count on it coming to new devices anytime soon.

What do you think? Excited for your Android devices to run Open webOS?

Source: YouTube
Via: webOS Nation

  • Collin

    Wow so choppy and laggy, on a quad core tablet.. don’t see the point of this..

    • SUpa

      RIM copied webOS design and interface.

    • Sam

      Rim with or without copying is dead

  • aviking

    I have a touchpad that I put cyanogenmod 10 on and I don’t know why you would want to put webos on something that has jellybean already?

    I don’t see a point.

    • shriram

      cuz webOS has the best interface ever! Period!

  • 45

    I suppose this is kind of cool that they’re able to get it functional, but I just don’t see why you’d want to use WebOS on the Nexus…

  • JC Gin

    While it’s cool to see they can run OWOS on Nexus, I would prefer seeing they put that effort to HP’s own Touchpad rather than other devices.

  • Justin

    for those asking Why

    3 words

    Because they can

    • Me Ted

      But why?

  • oldschool

    Nexus 7 is a POS, had to DOA my sister’s the first day for a flickering LCD, apparently I wasn’t alone. The Nexus line has been junk since the Galaxy Nexus. If I’m gonna buy junk, I’d rather save some money and wait for the $100 Acer tablet.

  • Peter

    LOL webOs

    What a lose of resource?

    – Like how many people worked on such a thing?

    They’ve could had done so many improvement to some other nicier products in the industry…