Open webOS 1.0 comes out of hiding, still has a long way to go

All the back in January, HP committed to open-sourcing its failed webOS platform, allowing users to build the OS for any number of devices and form factors.

Over the last few months, Open webOS has hit a number of milestones, including open-sourcing its Javascript framework Enyo2, and releasing a number of tools for developers to build apps within the new Linux-based architecture.

Now HP has unveiled Open webOS 1.0, which is downloadable and (mostly) usable, though there are still some major aspects of the OS missing, including a functioning Bluetooth stack as well as updated versions of WebKit and Qt frameworks. The company stood by its word not to support legacy devices, so those with HP’s firestorm TouchPad tablet won’t be able to experience the latest and greatest (unless it’s Android you’re referring to).

In total, Open webOS amounts to over 450,000 lines of code and 75 independent components, and there’s still more to go. You can catch a demo of the OS running on a HP TouchSmart all-in-one PC after the break, and hit up the company’s Open webOS repositories on GitHub.

Source: Open webOS
Via: Engadget