RIM signs patent license deal with InterDigital to cover 4G products



    Still no release date for BB10

    Resurrection my a$$

    • …you too RIM!

      RIP InterDigital!!! 🙂 🙂

    • Sgt.Romanov

      What part of Jan 30 2013 didnt you understand ??? was it the numbers or the letters that are confusing you on the date ?

    • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

      Jan 30 2013.

      Note: Jan is short for January.



    • Twosee

      RIP RIM!!!!! 😀 😀

    • Hilman

      Sgt. Romanov, too bad your reading comprehension skills are so poor as he said release date. The January 30th date is when RIM will announce/showcase the phones which is not the same as when the phones will actually be on sale/physically in the customers hands.

    • hoo dat

      @ STill No Date: RIM has announced dates and has made them public on more than one occassion. I’ve responded to you 3 times with these dates but it seems you can’t be bothered to read them or acknowledge them. I guess that suits your agenda.

    • Crackberry kevin

      GO RIM!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • I am a Canadian

    Go get em RIM!


    Hilman is correct. Thank you Hilman.

    The nerds don’t realize that Rim has not given a date that you can walk into a store and buy a BB10 device.

    Oh they will announce on Jan 30? Who gives a sh*t, when can we buy the device, March lolz? RIP RIM 😀

    • StephenBB81

      RIM Made it clear that it is up to their 150+ carriers as to when they wish to release the devices
      RIM will not dictate the release date to the carriers.

      RIM will make the devices available to carriers after launch on Jan 31st, and those who have placed their orders already will receive the product and behind shipping when their marketing teams are ready

      RIM isn’t being controlling like Apple, and frankly they aren’t in a position to be controlling.

      Expect to purchase your BlackBerry 10 device by Feb 15 based on Rogers PreOrder opening date

  • Undertaker

    Will Rim be ok??

  • Jarvis

    @ Still no Date.

    Hmm…. Why is it such a problem that there is no “on sale” date prior to the official announcement? Apple does it. Samsung does it, everyone else does the same thing, yet nobody complains about it…. Bias much?

    • Undertaker

      They announced the phone 2 years ago, and STILL NO DATE. 2 years babe, 2 years my babe

  • truther

    No LTE for BB10? only 4G 🙁

  • sp

    cant wait til all you nay sayers are eating your words and negative comments.

    BB10 is going to be the next big thing!!!

  • Peter

    I HOPE that i’ll be impress….. Make sure that if they had a mid-range device that can be 0$ on a VOICE ONLY plan, it would sale like cupcakes.

  • Anonymous1

    January 30th is not the release date you simpletons. They will just be announcing the devices that day. Release date(s) are to follow.

  • unknownbbm

    StephenBB81 is RIGHT!!!!

    Providers all ready have ordered them. THey will be in stores by that date unless the PROVIDER is unable to deliver them to all their stores. Also Hilman you need to be more aware & knowledgeable about a product or even how the Market & advertisement works. The Second Blackberry with the keyboard is being launched later on in march! Providers work in quarters New quarter has openned & its all blackberries to show what they have!

    Rim Blackberry 10 is a beautiful business phone. (14mp camera, Keyboard touchscreen/keyboard are breath taking, etc)

  • Hardened

    @Still no Date ….
    “Still no release date for BB10
    Resurrection my a$$”

    I’ll bet your girl also said still no release for your swollen member or for her riding it 😉

    Research your topic before commenting next time.