EB Games Canada’s website rebrands as ‘GameStop’

GameStop announced the change would be coming back at the end of July

EB Games has entirely rebranded as ‘GameStop’ in Canada, following the company’s announcement regarding the change at the end of July.

The retailer’s website now has a banner over “EB Games” that says “GameStop.” GameStop Canada already made the shift on its social media accounts, and its roughly 4,000 Canadian stores will also assume the name and brand.

While the company’s Canadian division is more in line with its U.S. business, locations in Australia and New Zealand are still called EB Games.

In July, EB Games revealed it was rebranding due to “feedback from our valued customers and stockholders.”
The retailer launched back in 1993 as “Electronics Boutique,” and then later changed its name to “EB Games.”

Back in January, EB Games Canada was the subject of notable controversy. When ordering a PlayStation 5 via the retailer’s online platform, while checking out the personal information of other customers was visible. The leak didn’t appear to include payment information, however.

Gamestop did not respond to MbileSyrup’s request for comment.