Google might be phasing out the 2nd-gen Pixel Buds

The earbuds are currently out of stock in Canada and the United States

Pixel Buds

Google’s Pixel Buds A-Series has been the talk of the town. The truly wireless headphones were officially released in Canada on June 17th, and it seems like the A-Series is already pushing the older models out of existence.

Today, the 2nd-generation Pixel Buds are entirely “out of stock” in Canada and the U.S., which might indicate that Google has discontinued the earbuds.

Moreover, Google confirmed to 9to5Google that “the 2nd-gen Pixel Buds are now unavailable in the US and Canada, but remain in stock for the time being in other countries and third-party retailers.”

Visiting Google’s online Pixel Store shows the $239 Google Pixel Buds to be completely out of stock in all colours, while the Pixel Buds A-Series are labelled with ‘NEW’ in the ‘Wireless Earbuds’ dropdown menu.

However, the Google Store still shows the 2nd-gen Pixel Buds in stock in countries where Google hasn’t released the A-Series yet. Although Google didn’t outright say it, it seems like the search giant may have discontinued the 2nd-gen Pixel Buds.

Honestly, this seems like a good way to phase out the 2nd-gen Buds. The new Pixel Buds A-Series offers a similar feature set to the 2nd-gen Pixel Buds for a much lower cost. Alternatively, Google could be phasing out the Pixel Buds ahead of announcing a new version of the earbuds, perhaps in the fall alongside the much-rumoured Pixel 6.

Source: Google Store Via: 9to5Google