Android 12 could bring face-based auto rotate to all Android phones

This feature aims to make rotating your smartphone a little more seamless


A new feature discovered in the Android 12 beta suggests that Android phones will soon be smart enough to determine if the device should be in landscape or portrait mode based on your face’s orientation.

With the new update, Android will scan your face and depending on its orientation in relation to your phone, will adjust automatically. The Android Police report mentions that this system does all of the computation on the device so that your face data isn’t uploaded to the cloud.

In the Android 12 preview, the feature is still hidden behind a flag. This means that not everyone can access it and that it might not be included in the final build of Android 12.

Earlier reports suggested that this would be a Pixel-only feature, but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

Hopefully, this update will make rotating your Android smartphone a little more seamless. A few years ago, Google launched a button that appeared in the bottom corner of the screen, allowing users to force the device to rotate quickly.

While this was a good fix for an inconsistent feature, it’s nice to see Google working to make phone rotation work more naturally.

Source: Android Police