Google Pixel smartphones might get a face-based Auto-Rotate with Android 12

Your handset will use the selfie-shooter to check your head's orientation

Pixel 4a 5G screen

As the likely release of the Android 12 Developer Preview draws closer, the operating system’s upcoming features are starting to leak.

9to5Google recently learned that Pixel phones might get a new face-based option for Auto-Rotate.

According to 9to5, Android 12 will bring an optional face-based version of Auto-Rotate to Pixel phones. Your handset will use the selfie-shooter to check your head’s orientation. This will be especially helpful when you’re lying in bed.

It’s unclear if this feature will launch as a broader Android 12 feature, but 9to5 believes that this will be exclusively for Pixel phones — at least at the beginning.

Currently, when you use an Android device, your display orientation rotates to match your device’s. With Android Pie, there’s a rotate button that appears when your handset is on the side and Auto-Rotate is off. You can press the button to rotate the screen.

Source: 9to5Google