What features do want in your realistic 2021 dream phone?

I think I really want to try out a handset with a rollable display

LG Rollable

This week’s MobileSyrup ‘Community Question’ is all about your somewhat realistic dream phone.

By “realistic,” I’m referring to technology that’s currently available or seen in concepts that could launch this year and not something wacky like an 8K display, which has yet to be seen in a smartphone. I also think anything above a 6,000mAh battery doesn’t make sense. Sure, there are some handsets with bigger cells, but those devices are basically just a massive battery with a screen attached to it.

For me, I think I really want to try out a handset with a rollable display like the concept TCL showed off at CES.

I love big screens on my smartphones. I’ve been using the Galaxy Z Fold 2 for more than a month and I think the huge display is great. That said, the foldable is quite bulky and a rollable, in theory, would be thinner than the Z Fold series. I think I’d also be okay with a rollable like LG’s prototype, although I prefer TCL’s take on the technology.

I also want the display to rock a 144Hz refresh rate like the Asus ROG Phone 3 and for it to feature Gorilla Glass Victus like Samsung’s Galaxy S21 Ultra (Victus may not work with rollable screens, but a similarly durable material would be nice). Also, like the S21 Ultra, the device needs up to 16GB of RAM and a modern Snapdragon 888 chipset.

Regarding battery size, I’d like to see anything from 5,000mAh to 6,000mAh (like the ROG Phone 2) as long as it doesn’t make the device too thick. 66W fast charging and 50W fast wireless charging like the Huawei Mate 40 Pro+ would be ideal, but my dream phone doesn’t need to offer reverse-wireless charging.

Camera-wise, I’m happy with what’s offered on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra or the iPhone 12 Pro, I just wouldn’t want it to lighten my skin — I’m a simple guy. It’d be nice if the rear-facing cameras could be used for selfies like the ZenFone 6 or the Z Fold 2. I’d also prefer that the rear features a matte texture so that it doesn’t attract smudges or fingerprints.

I think I’d want it to offer a combination of face detection and an in-display fingerprint scanner or even an actual fingerprint scanner. I’ve been using the physical sensor on the Z Fold 2 and Pixel 5 over the past few months and it’s so quick that I don’t mind the lack of the in-display scanner.

And that’s it — I sort of went overboard with what I’d want in a perfect phone, but that’s also the entire point of this week’s community question.

Share with us below in the comment section what features your realistic 2021 dream phone would offer.