Telus’ $75/20GB and $85/20GB promo plans are back again

This time around, the offers are only available online

Vancouver-based national carrier Telus has brought back its 20GB promos once again.

For most of 2020, Telus has offered one of two — or sometimes both at the same time — 20GB promotional plans. The first sees the carrier’s $75/10GB plan become a $75/20GB plan. The other changes Telus’ $85/10GB plan into an $85/20GB plan.

Both plans are back for a limited time now and are available as ‘Online Only’ offers on Telus’ website.

If you’re wondering why you’d want to pay an extra $10 for the same plan, here’s how it breaks down. The $75/20GB Peace of Mind plan includes 20GB of high-speed data followed by unlimited usage at up to 512Kbps throttled speeds. The $85 Peace of Mind Connect plan, however, includes the same 20GB of high-speed and 512Kbps throttled speed beyond that, but allows users to connect extra devices like a smartwatch or tablet to the data as well.

Along with the data, both plans include the following:

  • Unlimited nationwide calls
  • Unlimited nationwide text, picture and video messaging
  • Voicemail 25
  • Call display
  • Call waiting
  • Conference calling

Typically if you wanted to get a 20GB unlimited data plan from Telus, you would need to choose the company’s $100/20GB Peace of Mind Connect plan. As such, you’re getting a pretty great deal regardless of which option you pick. That said, if you don’t have any extra devices to connect, the $75/20GB promo is the one to go for.

At the time of writing, Telus’ website did not list an end date for the promotions. However, when the carrier held similar deals earlier this year, they usually stuck around for the weekend.

You can learn more about the plans on Telus’ website.