Here’s what system navigation looks like on Microsoft’s Surface Duo

It looks like Microsoft is developing a few custom swipe-based gestures

Microsoft has released the software development kit (SDK) for it’s upcoming dual-screen foldable Android phone the Surface Duo.

Now that the software development tools — which includes a software emulator — are in the hands of developers, people are sharing videos of how the system navigation works across the side-by-side displays.

When Microsoft announced the unique phone/productivity device last fall, it mentioned that it’s going to be on sale during the holiday season of 2020. It failed to mention anything more specific or related to the Canadian market.

In the below videos, there appear to be some custom swipe gestures that send apps from one screen to another that look pretty cool. Interestingly, the second video also shows off some kind of ‘Call Screen’ feature. It will be interesting to see if this is in the final build or not.

Alongside the Duo, it also showed off a dual-screen foldable Windows PC/tablet called the Surface Neo that runs a new version of Microsoft’s OS called Windows10X. The SDK for that device should be out in the coming weeks, according to the company’s blog post. 

Like the Duo, Microsoft is going to sell this device in the fall of this year.

Since the dev kits are coming out so early it gives developers tons of time to create new apps for the duo of devices, but it will be interesting to see if app makers think it’s worthwhile to customize their apps for Microsoft’s hardware.

Source: Microsoft Via: Windows Central