Microsoft releases open-source solution for adding dark mode to iOS apps

The solution is the same one Microsoft used to add dark mode to Outlook for iOS

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Microsoft is a much more ‘open’ company than it used to be.

Look no further than its multiple contributions to Chromium, the open-source underpinnings of Google Chrome — and now its own Edge browser. The company’s efforts in bringing Linux to Windows are another great example of its move towards open source.

However, the company’s latest open-source move is all about Apple’s iOS. Microsoft has been updating its iOS apps to support dark mode and has now shared the code it used to add dark mode to Outlook on GitHub. Dubbed ‘DarkModeKit,’ the open-sourced code gives iOS developers an easy way to create dynamic colours and add dark mode to their apps.

The solution works for iOS 11 and higher as long as the developer built their app with Swift 5 or later, or Xcode 11 or later.

Further, the solution utilizes an API that doesn’t require developers to make a bunch of code changes, which should make it easy to implement. On top of that, the solution doesn’t require users to restart their app for dark mode to take effect.

All in all, it’s a pretty solid solution from Microsoft. By open-sourcing it, the company has shown again that its dedicated to this new ‘open’ ecosystem, a significant shift for Microsoft. Plus, it offers an easy way for developers to add dark mode to their apps if they haven’t already.

Hopefully this will help make iOS 13’s dark mode less of an inconsistent mess.

Source: Twitter Via: Windows Central