Fido offering select customers $60/month 15GB data BYOD promo plan


It certainly seems like its wireless rate plan promo week in Canada.

First, Telus unveiled a $75/20GB unlimited data plan, then Bell followed suit the next day. Now, Rogers’ sub-brand Fido has released an offering to select customers that gives a big data bucket at a low cost.

For those interested, specifically on a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) plan, Fido’s promo is giving 15GB of data for $60 per month. The deal also includes unlimited Canada, U.S. and international texting, call display, voicemail and Unlimited Canadian long distance.

This is certainly something to consider and you can either call customer service or check your plan within the mobile app.


MobileSyrup reached out to Rogers to see if the carrier will match the Telus and Bell offer. Rogers that it has “nothing to share on this.”

(Thanks Jeff!)