These are the reported specs for Project Scarlett consoles Anaconda, Lockhart

The higher-end Anaconda will reportedly boast 12 teraflops of computing power

Xbox One X

The specs for Xbox’s rumoured two next-generation Project Scarlett consoles have reportedly been revealed by Windows Central.

According to the outlet, “multiple sources” have tipped them off about the specs for both the high-end ‘Anaconda’ console, as well as the more affordable ‘Lockhart.’

To start, Windows Central reports that Anaconda is targeting around 12 teraflops (TF) of computing power, while Lockhart is aiming to hit 4TF. For comparison, the base Xbox One has 1.4TF and its 4K-capable sister console sports 6TF.

As Windows Central notes, TF only relates to raw power, not other ways that technology can be used to enhance overall performance. Therefore, Lockhart having fewer TF isn’t necessarily a problem. For example, Microsoft has said that Scarlett will use the advanced ray-tracing rendering technique for a graphical boost.

Meanwhile, Lockhart and Anaconda will both reportedly carry eight CPU cores targetting around 3.5GHz. Further, Anaconda is said to have at least 13GB of RAM for games and 3GB on the OS for a total of 16GB. By comparison, the X offered a maximum of 9GB of RAM.

Finally, Windows Central notes that a “huge focus area” for both Lockhart and Anaconda is reducing load times. This supposedly will be achieved through NVMe SSD proprietary tech, which Windows Central says minute-long load times will be cut to mere seconds. Additionally, Windows Central mentions that Microsoft’s Project xCloud game streaming service will be used to let users play games while waiting for them to download locally.

While Sony hasn’t talked much about its own PlayStation 5 next-gen console, the company has confirmed that eliminating lengthy load times is a major selling point of the system. For example, Sony revealed in April that the PS5 could cut the PS4 Pro’s 15-second load times in Marvel’s Spider-Man to just under one second.

Windows Central concluded its report by stressing that these specs should be taken with a grain of salt, as Microsoft has yet to make an official specs confirmation and the consoles’ tech could change in the months to come.

Project Scarlett is set to launch sometime in holiday 2020.

Source: Windows Central